Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Good Movie !!

Indian Version of Hotel California - Sing along with the actual song !!


On a dark city one-way
'Nariyal Tel' in my hair
The smell of 'Batata Vada'
was rising up through the air
up ahead in the distance
I saw a green tube lite
My tongue grew heavy and my stomach grew thin
I had to stop for a bite

There he stood in the door way
repairing the calling bell
And I was thinking to myself
This could be hell ..... Oh ! It is hell
Then he lit up a petromax
and cursed the electricity board away
There were some sardars down the corridor
Thought I heard them say

Welcome to hotel kalasipalya
souch a lousy place
many a bug at the hotel kalasipalya
whats the spiral burning device
oh! Its just Tortoise

The finger in his nose definitely twisted
as three sneezes it sends
He makes a lot of weird noise
when the finger bends

About the 'kusthi' in the courtyard
Sticky 'Sardar' sweat
The man pleaded for mercy
while theire wives whipped them with a belt

I called upon the deaf captain
please tell me the time
He promptly ran into the kitchen
and brought me 'vangi bhat', soda and lime

And still those voices were crying, far away
wake you up in the middle of the night
just to hear them pray
Save us from hotel kalasipalya
Thas a mice ... No surprise
if the rodents at a dogs size

The blind man was feeling
yesterdays sambhar on rice
we are all pensioners here
said an old man in silk smitha disguise
and in the dining chamber
we gathered for the feast
we stab it with our steely knives
but just can't cut the meat

The last thing I remember
I was lying on the floor
The half eaten tapeworm in my snack
made my tummy sore
relax said the moustached watchman
mouth to mouth respiration you shall receive
they made me lie on my back
while my soul packed up to leave ......