Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I watched this movie on saturday, and am plannin to watch it again today!! It is the first time that I am watching a movie twice in the theatres.Watched in PVR the first time and gonna watch it in INOX now!!

Its an awesome not miss this one people. i wonder why the ratings are low, but the movie has done well and the soundtrack rocks.......its brilliant.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Movies I recently watched

100 Girls: I thought this movie was average.....Humor was forced into it in places where it should have come naturally. Dissapointing movie given the fact that it starts off in an interesting manner.

Girl next door: Again in the genre of American Pie movies......but this one i liked. It has a sucker punch twist. Definitely watchable.Above Average

The Untouchables: Brilliant!! given that this is inspired by a true incident, this movie rocks.It is one of the best Mob movies made.It has a solid cast that includes Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia and Robert De niro as the dreaded Al Capone.This is a story of 4 guys who want to end the mob menace and form a group that is untouchable, no fear, no bribery...just a mission. 4 ppl against a formidable Al Capone gang. Kevin Costner has all the good lines and he carries the movie on his shouler with Elan.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Songs in my Head....

Bhaware ki Gunjan Hai mera dil.....
Ajeeb Dastaan hai yeh....
Chandan sa badan....
Dooba Dooba (this one has forever been in my head, as my friends will tell you)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


On August 12th I was looking at a 3 day long weekend without any well defined plans as to how I was gonna spend it......
A few phone calls later, I was looking at a 2 day Mangalore trip :) Few More hurried phone calls to a couple of contacts got us Volvo Tickets for sat night(a miracle considering virtually everyone was heading out of town !!)
So there were five of us Dilip, Raj, Santosh Naveen and I out on a trip that was decided on at the last minute.
Boy was it fun.....We stayed at Taccode, hired a car to take us around, Went to a newly constructed Water Park called "Manasa" at PiliKula, Got to Mangalore, Moodbidri, The Krishna Temple at Udipi, watched the sunset at Malpe Beach, visited a nearby river and had long walks in the greenery;We were worried that the rains may play spoil sport, but it complemented the trip by ensuring a cool atmosphere and varied hues and shades of green all around us !!
The Journey back to Blore was exciting as well, as a tree fell on the highway and we were stranded for over an hour, chatting with co-passengers, shouting at vehicles that were compunding the Jam,Sipping hot cups of tea from a nearby tea stall (Lucky for us) and enjoying every moment of it !!

Photos of the trip to be posted soon....Watch this spot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Connecting People

There are so many things that we take for granted.8-10 years ago, Phones were not the norm.....if friends had to meet up, say for a movie, it had to be decided long in advance, where they would meet etc etc.The phone came and exchanging notes and important questions on the eve of exams became easier. One could call a friend and speak to him/her or leave a message or get information: "Aunty has he left already...well we have been waiting since the past one hour and yet no sign of him".I got my first cell phone a couple of years ago, I had never felt the need for it until then. Today, there are no plans made in advance....."lets meet this weekend" is all that neds to be said, nobody amongst us bothers to ask where when how what ????Suffice to know that all of us are connected with mobile communication devices and can accomodate last minute changes. I wonder whether we will survive if all of a sudden one day these small things taken for granted by us, are taken away from us.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Currently reading....

1421: The year China Discovered the World. - Gavin Menzies

Its a history lesson of types. It gives evidence on how Chinese were the first to chart the oceans of the Earth and discover countries long before Christopher Colombus even set sail.Its an exhaustively researched book and has its own website as well. A really interesting read. visit the link to find out more.
I am enjoyin the book immensely.

Graduation Day

Well I am an MBA now :) Mixed feeling about my Grad day. The event in itself was good. Performed Mad-Ads and a crazy dance that was fun. The Bad part was that I freaking lost my Cell Phone in college :( that really sucks and is a bad end to 7 yrs of Christ college. So ppl hang on for a few days till I get a duplicate SIM and a handset. Till then using my old number.