Friday, June 24, 2011

Delhi-Gurgaon: Week 1

This is how I am set-up. I live in the Southern(South-Western?) edge of Delhi and I work in the Northern Edge of Gurgaon.
I am beginning to suspect I have a challenge on my hands in terms of conquering this city. My conquest of most cities begins with long walks and usage of the public transport.
Gurgaon does not have any public transport worth mentioning and the current weather means that long walks are close to impossible.
Delhi does seem to have decent amount of Public Transport, and I have the weekend to try most of it out. What little I have seen of Delhi is very impressive in the daytime and a little dark and depressing at nights (Though I confess I have only been in one of the not so 'happening' areas of Delhi).
I feel like the long days (there is light till almost 7:30pm) are wasted since one can't do much when the sun is up, unless it involves an activity in a heavily air-conditioned area.

But all is not lost, the weather will soon change, and hopefully I will get my car here soon enough, removing my current dependency on any other modes of transport and opening up more avenues to explore.
Also, the office is just fantastic! There seems to be scope for getting it to just the same energy levels that the Bangalore office had when it was newish, There is some way to go though.

Of course the icing on the cake is that there are a whole lot of weekend getaways to experience. Soon Soon.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Top 5 music moments in films by Quentin Tarantino

As far as I am concerned, the sound track of a Quentin Tarantino movie is always its best part, here are my favourite moments of music, in ascending order of awesomeness.

5. Never can tell - Chuck Berry
Movie: Pulp Fiction

Scene: Wallace order's his henchman Vicent Vega (John Travolta) to take his (Wallace's) wife (Uma Thurman) out to dinner.

4. Woohoo -'s (Japanese Girl Band)
Movie: Kill Bill Vol.1

note: The video is a montage, could not find the original

Scene: The bride comes to confront the crazy 88 (and Gogo) and the girl band is playing at the restaurant. What better music than some Japanese teen pop song to precede a carnage.

3. A little bitty tear - Burl Ives
Movie: True Romance

Did not find the video from the movie, so you will have to do with the song :)

Scene: Dennis Hopper finishes work for the day (he works as a security guard) and heads home with his dog, this song plays out in his car (maybe on the radio). Brilliant. I loved the movie mostly because of its sound track.

2. Hold tight- Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Movie: Death Proof

Scene: The crash scene. The girls are in a car and have asked the radio jockey to play this song, the song plays, the crescendo builds up while the stuntman drives his car head on into theirs. Just the perfect song.

1. Two Hearts - Chris Isaak
Movie: True Romance

Scene: This plays during the closing credits of the movie. Its awesome!