Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lalbagh :)

Decided to jog every morning. Lots of benefits.
- Compels me to be an early bird
- Get to spend time with my inner circle (I go with a couple of friends)
- keep fit
- refreshing way to start a day :)

If anybody wants to join, do let me know! I started today, so you are not late.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ze Tag

I've been tagged by Ashmi

Well I hope I live upto your expectations, Ashmi....Here goes

My "target"(Makes me sound like an assassin, but I shall play along) is a homosapien female

The tagged victim [that's me :( ] has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

- MUST have a sense of humor.
- MUST have the ability to make people smile
- MUST be optimistic
- Nice hair :)
- Beautiful eyes

and that is all I ask for, yes I do not want 8 points I want these 5 :D

there I am done:)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dandeli Trip

Well another weekend and another trip. This time round it was more of an adventure trip with colleagues.
Took a bus to Dandeli, a ride of 13 hrs via Hubli and Dharwad.
Dandeli is a hot and dusty place very like most of the towns in North Karnataka, However it is famous for River Kali and some of the most dense forests of South India.

A delayed arrival meant that we had to laze around till the climate cooled down and we could take a trek. Though it was just a 14 km trek, what made it exciting was that I was carrying a 12 kilo rucksack :)

5:30 am the next day we were off on a Safari through some really dense jungle, did not spot a lot except a few Giant malabar squirrels, a Rat Snake, couple of hornbills, Drongos, Barking deer, Sambhar and some wild boar(Obelix would have been excited).
The ride however was exhilirating and Kavala Caves were interesting

In the afternoon we were off to do some White Water rafting over a 10 km stretch on River kali . This was an amazing experience, there were around 9 rapids and negotiating each one was fun.

Camped out that night in the jungle near the river bank and learnt that the jungle can be a very scary place when it is all quite and dark.

Next morning we did some amazing mountain biking, riding geared cycles through the forest trails is thrilling especially because of the risk involved. however none of us were seriously injured and it was fun despite the fact that I had an encounter with a thorny bamboo "bush" that left me with scratches all over (especially since einstein was in shorts and T-shirt). 3 hours of cycling on a geared bike through steep trails did question our stamina but we did seem to have the answer.

Great Fun sums up the trip. Dandeli is the place to be if you want to try out your hand at White Water rafting or trekking

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The South Maharashtra trip

The eve of republic day found us on the RaniChennama express heading towards Belgaum, which was to be a launching point for a wonderful holiday ahead.
towards Belgaum

Day I: 26th January

On Reaching Belgaum we headed right towards Amboli - A hill station in Maharashtra,
At a distance of 70 kms away from Belgaum.
This would set the tone for the trip ahead, it was to be trip that was far from the cliched Goa and Kerala.
The hillsides and valleys of Amboli along with the great food ('Malvani dishes') compelled us to make an overnight stay.
The highlights of our visit being

'HirenyaKeshi: The Cave Shrine'

'HirenyaKeshi: The Cave Shrine'

'KavaleSaad: Valley point'
'KavaleSaad: Valley point'

'Mahadev Gad: the sunset point'
Sunset point

Sunset point

Day II: 27th January

We took an early morning bus that took us 30 kms down the beautiful Amboli ghats to ‘Sawantwadi’ my native place.


We hired a cab to take us across to Malwan District to visit the serene
Lake Dhamapur for a boat ride.


From there went to
Fort Sindhudurg, which lies on an island 2 kms into the sea and can be reached only by boat!!
Fort Sindhudurg

Fort Sindhudurg

(So that made it 2 boat rides in a day, one on the lake and one in the Arabian Sea)

Spent the evening watching the sunset from Beach Tarkarli

Day III: 28th January

Redi Beach

Fort Tiracol in Goa
Fort Tiracol

Ferry Across river tiracol

And sunset at Tiracol Beach

Sunset @ Tiracol

The best part about the trip most certainly was the peace of the countryside along with its pristine beaches, untouched by commercialization.

Tiracol Beach especially is indeed one of the last untouched and virgin beaches of Goa, its clear waters, beautiful sands and a great sunset made it a perfect climax to a great trip :D


Looking forward to more such trips ahead !!