Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NICE road

Last weekend saw u on the NICE road :)
Here is a view of the BMIC corridor that will connect Bangalore and Mysore.

picture taken by Raj

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Big Fish
Fantastic Movie ! A must watch for all you lovers of 'Forrest Gump', if you have never heard of it, well what can I do?

A Fish called Wanda
Aha! the best comedy I have seen in recent times, the Monty Python gang gets together to create a sublime comedy that scores every ball!

Before Sunrise
Decent movie, but if people tell you it is the best etc, watch it unbiased before you decide whether it deserves to be so highly rated.
Bad dialogues and artificial Conversation ruin some good acting and a very impressive concept. Having been in a situation where these characters find themselves, I know that one does not talk such bullsh*t such as the characters are made to talk through 95% of the movie, trying so hard to sound intellectual, GOD it hurts.
The movie does have some high points
- The 'telephone' conversation
- The poet by the river, who writes poetry for money
being the ones that come to mind

ummm a wee bit disturbing, but an edge of the seat thriller. I like it!

Brilliant! I have never been a fan of the animated series, but watching this movie had the same effect like watching the dinos in Jurrasic park for the first time. Fabulous FX

Jason Statham, well out and out action movie, but does have a decent plot. decent!

Bourne Ultimatum
Yes sir! it lives upto all the build up :) move over James Bond, Jason Bourne is here!