Friday, December 31, 2004

Absolute brilliance !!

I feel the magic of Raja Ravi Varmas paintings are lost in the cheap glare of paintings that go by the name of "modern art". Whats Happening??!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Things that make us go..........

Sometimes I suffer from the "foot-in-mouth" disease.....I say right thing to the wrong person or the wrong thing to the right person.....and shove my foot right in my mouth.

Samurai Jack is Back !!

Its a wonderful cartoon series.......unfortunately not been watching it due to time constraints.
There are no absolute moral values ??? I Agree !!

Something I read

"Life threw a googly at him at the age of four.......but he still managed to hit a sixer"
- about an artist who was crippled when he was four years old.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Raincoat ??

Well what can I first movie at the PVR in Bangalore and it had to be raincoat.
All I can say about the movie is that, all the acting that Ash and Ajay did in 2 hrs of the movie was eclipsed by a 10 minute appearance by actor Anu Kapoor...The whole thing is based on O'Henry story "The Gift of Magi"...The stuff would have made a fantastic half an hour serial but the 2 hour torture is tooooo much to handle...even in a PVR. Just puts you off to sleep.However there are a few thought provoking scenes that have been well made....the whole affair is a movie version of a sleepy rainy afternoon that leaves one feeling lethargic.Shubha Mugdals Background voice is magical.....Otherwise Sad.

A n interesting TV series !!

The masked magician revealed the secrets behind some of the worlds most popular illusions in a TV series on Star World !! The whole thing was quite controversial....but then thats whats interesting about the whole thing.



One movie that has left a lasting impression on me is Swades......The movie is like a fresh breath of air to Indian cinema.
The movie is a welcome change from girls doing item numbers in bikinis, good to see a clean movie that knows where it is headed. Sharukh is as usual brilliant, the cinematographyand direction is commendable. The music is a work of sheer brilliance...cant stop listening to the songs !! and new actress Gayathri has done a good job.
Its unfortunate that people today are so blinded by the jazz of "Jink Chak" movies that are made, that they do not recognise brilliant cinema. Hence the bad reviews from critics.