Friday, September 09, 2011

9 things I learnt from watching 'Bodyguard'

9. Salman Khan pe ek ehsaan karna, ki uspe koi bhi ehsaan mat karna (Do Salman a favour, that don't do him any favour).
If I would have known this simple fact before buying those movie tickets, I would have not bought those movie tickets.

8. Bodyguard Lovely Singh will follow you everywhere. Even into the ladies restroom.

7. When Lovely Singh fights in mid-air. It is always in slow-motion

6. Lovely Singh keeps his phone in Vibrator mode in the back pocket of his trousers. Thus deriving pleasure and laughter.

5. Lovely Singh will fall in love with any anonymous caller after 7 calls

4. Lovely Singh will hug the heroine only when he wants to grab hold of the Villain's hand as it is trying to stab her in the back

3. Never refer to your behind as bum in front of the ladies.

2. Lovely Singh will catch any pieces of chalk thrown at you by your professor in class.

1. Lovely Singh can get you to wet your pants just by staring at you.