Monday, February 27, 2012

The best buy

This '31 in 1', Chinese made screwdriver set is what I consider to be the best buy ever! I got it off a roadside vendor in SP road Bangalore.
I did not need it then, but I thought that having a set of tools would make me feel like a handyman. So I got this, a set of pliers and a hammer.
(I confess I got the hammer, because the previous week, I had destroyed some kitchen utensils that I was using in lieu of the hammer and was promptly told off.)

Anyway, back to the best buy. So, I got the screwdriver set for 100 bucks and have more than utilized it. Here is what I used it for:

1. The front bumper of the car came off, I fixed it with this
2. I got a new belt that needed a few notches. I made them with this.
3. A Scorpio got the car in the back bumper(my mistake). I fixed the entire bumper with this
4. A few friends came over for lunch and when we were about to see them off, the door got locked from inside since the knob broke. We opened the complex looking door lock with this and managed to open the door!

So, if you find this set. Get it!