Monday, May 25, 2009

Movie review time...

Ok so here are some more movies that have been watched

P.S: I love you

Sugary/nostalgia evoking romance with Gerard Butler in the lead, the premise of the movie is interesting enough to make one continue watching it :)

Boy loves girl, boy dies, girl (who also happens to be boy's wife) cannot get over his death until she starts receiving letters and gifts from him, that he had written before he died and planned it such that she would receive them after his death. The letters help her get over him :)

I found it a decent watch

Madagascar 2 : Escape to Africa

Not as good as part 1, but I found King Julian hilarious again! :D especially the scene where he plays agony aunt to Melman the giraffe :)

The bicycle thief

Lovely Italian movie about a father who loses his only source of income - his bicycle, the entire movie follows father and son, try and seek out the bicycle thief. This movie is as good as they come! must watch.

Pride and prejudice

Decentish, Keira Knightley does a good job in this remake of a classic, pity then that there is no Colin Firth to play Mr. Darcy...

Boy in striped pyjamas

Take one ounce of Pan's labyrinth, tone it down a bit, mellow down the drama, set it up in Nazi Germany as opposed to Civil War torn South America and you have a boy all dressed up in striped pyjamas.

This tells a story of a boy, who happens to be the son of a Nazi officer who is assigned to manage a death camp, Auschwitz. The boy of course knows nothing about death camps, but hates moving away from all his friends in Berlin, to a lonely country side, this remains so until he meets a boy in striped pyajamas (the clothes given to the jews languishing in the death camp).

This chance meeting across barbed wires, soon blossoms into a friendship with tragic consequences.

Watch this movie for a comparison study made between the life of the son of a successful Nazi officer versus that of the son of a Jew.
Well made, but mind you this is no "Pan's Labyrinth" it is very similar yet very different.


How can you take Hugh Jackman and Ewan Mc Gregor and end up making a pathetic movie? Watch this one to find out...


A man accidentally kills an intruder in his house, and unfortunately ends up in jail for 3 years. This movie follows the protagonist in jail and how he is labeled a felon and ends up having to survive one of the most toughest sentences. Quite well made, a modern take on "Shawshank redemption" if I may dare say so.

Vicki Cristina Barcelona

oo la la! most beautiful are the women and most beautiful is Spain! Penelope Cruz excels in this movie, Javier Bardem is awesome! watch watch watch now!

Shadow of a doubt

This is Alfred Hitchcock's personal favourite :) I quite like it too. A typical American family has a visitor, the charasmatic uncle Charlie, and suddenly everyone is happy... but is Uncle Charlie really all that he seems to be?

Nicely made movie.

Irma La douce

This Romantic comedy features Jack Lemmon as the bumbling cop who is thrown out of his job and Shirley Maclain as "Lady of the night", Lemmon takes up residence with Shirley and falls in love, only to realise that her profession does not let him have her all to himself.

He hits on a plan to get her to be his, and hilarity ensues. A good classic!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The rains are here...

Its been raining every other day, the heavenly summer evenings have given way to evening showers. Now this is wonderful if one is sitting indoors, gawking at the rain thundering against the windows. The traffic suddenly disappears and the rain brings down visibility to about 20 feet.

Rains do sometimes bring along unscheduled power cuts, but these can be turned to one's advantage, like on Sunday when the power failed followed by the generator, it was carrom time for the family, with each member holding a torch and planning out the shot's :P

But most painful are the roads, that always seem to be under repair right when the rains arrive, or it could be that they are constantly under "repair" all through the year but I notice them only during the rains.

But all said and done, I think I do like the rainy Bangalore, at least it adds more joy to life to be able to sit in the balcony sipping tea and eating hot bhajis :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's been a while...

...since I last blogged, a lot has transpired since :)

The IPL has been dominating TRP ratings, viewed by one and all. The Fake IPL player has been providing juicy tidbits of the going ons behind the scene, the IPL trophy looks as ugly as ever, the commentary team collectively has got dumber ("what a beautiful IPL trophy this is...", "South Africans love the IPL, they have come in droves to watch the match...", "You've been left out of the playing eleven, how happy do you feel right now?"),the going has been decentish for the team I support (Royal Challengers Bangalore) and in related news, the zoozoos have finally attacked!

On the personal front, I have had yet another trip to Mahabalipuram with wifey and a couple of friends (and our faithful Karaoke machine) which went well (especially the karaoke and the monopoly part). The door painting project was completed quite a while ago, here is a picture of how it looks now *grin*.

Also, my batting form has returned (with an offside six!) and the bowling form is doing well :D. We have finished watching all 4 seasons of "How I met your mother" (I watch it just for Neil Patrick Harris' "Barney Stinson"). I have finished reading the wonderful wonderful "Ode to Kirihito" by Osamu Tezuka and am currently reading "The man who kept secrets" (Peter Lawford's Biography) and "Road to dusty death" by Alistair Maclean.

I am hoping to blog more frequently and am hoping that it will be "Legen - wait for it - dary" !