Tuesday, March 29, 2005


In the Indo-Pak Test series. This dude scored
21 runs in the first innings of the first test match
12 runs in the first innings and 12 runs in the second innings of the second test match
having flirted so far with the digits 1 and 2 he decided to follow a new combination !!
1 run in the first innings and 2 runs in the second innings of the third test match

Thats Ganguly for you.

Like the Arab proverb goes.....
" A group of lions led by a sheep will always be defeated by a group of sheep led by a lion"

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Right now am listening to "Trying to love two women" by Oak Ridge Boys a Country Classic on LAUNCHcast an internet radio station.


hehehehe, at the farewell party our juniors came up with this unique award ceremony.....the awards were sarcastically named......you may get a idea of how sarcastic the juniors can get when I say I got the award for the "MOST SERIOUS PERSON"....hehehehehe, me and serious.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win....(Sometimes you find people who help you win)

Monday, March 21, 2005

After the Party

I was just hanging out with friends the entire night after the farewell party and it was so much fun....we never slept and were laughing crazy 80% of the time, just reinforces the fact that I am gonna miss these crazy times and jokes soooooo much.


Hey due to popular request I am putting up the lyrics of the song we sang on Saturday at the farewell party...waiting for boquets or brickbats


Purani tie aur Blazer
Wo apna laptop
Aur mere yaar
Vo raaton ko case likhna
subah phir jakey submit karna
Vo egg puff khanaKiosk mein jaake
Wo so jaana in marketing class.

Pahunchna college hamesha late
Vo kehna sir ka "keep standin in the class!"
Vo bahar jaake hamsha kehna
Yahan ka trimester hi hai kharaab
Vo shiv sagar meincoffee peena
lunchtime mein jaake
Yaaron ke saath

Bas yaadein Yaadein
Yaadein reh jaati hain
Kuchh chhoti Chhoti
Baatein reh jaati hain
Bas yaadein..

Vo CKT Sir ka daantna
Vo Jolly mam ka
fine collect karna
Mad ads mein bas
mazza aata hain
FM class mein apna
time hai kharaab
Vo dil mein sochna
Kar ke kuchh dikha dein
Vo karna project
Roz nayi yaar

Saturday ka vo pehla class
Vo likhna ET Test mein
Answers Jhakas
Vo Reddy Bhai se printout lena
Vo binding karke phir
mentor ko dena
Vo karna current affairs
mein presentation
vo apni fighting
lab attendant ke saath

Bas yaadein Yaadein
Yaadein reh jaati hain
Kuchh chhoti Chhoti
Baatein reh jaati hain
Bas yaadein..

Aisa placements ka
mausam chala
mujhe yakin hai
hum honge kamyab
Kahan meri tie aur Blazer
Wo apna laptopAur mere yaar
Vo raaton ko case likhna
subah phir jakey submit karna

Purani jeans Aur guitar..

How farewell went

The party was pretty good.......we did some Mad-Ads and even sang a song (Purani Jeans), My Mad-Ads team is called "The Usual Suspects"....and on saturday night The usual suspects were in floral shirts and Dhotis !! a sight to watch...hehehehe.
Am gonna miss those people.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Has anybody seen a TWEETY "BIRD" ?? I wonder what kind of creature it is? A friend recently referred to it. hehehehe

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My first Cricket match in Office

well well i am right out of my first match in office, Am surrounded by laptops and desktops and yet we are managing to play "cricket' in the closed confines of the "floor"

How it went

My first day in office was good,Met my Project manager and my Iteration manager I got a nice machine with a flat screen monitor !! loaded software necessary to use the application and went out to Royal Orchid for lunch with my team. Everyone is helpful, gotta see how it goes.

Monday, March 14, 2005

First day on the job

I have been in training (BootCamp remember?) for the past 4 weeks and now its time to face the music. Tomorrow March 15th will be my first day on a project. Wish me luck people.

My last Mad Ads

Well its been 4 years since I have been performing on stage, acting totally crazy !! I guess theres a limit to how crazy a guy can be (not for me, but for a normal person). So I guess next saturday at the farewell party, I might be doing my last mad-ads.......Feels sad. I have enjoyed it so much that it has been a way of life for me. Alas now I gotta say Hasta La Vista to it.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Random Lyrics

I am lying alone
with my head on the phone
thinking of you till it hurts........
I know you hurt too
but what else could we do
tormented and torn apart.

Nah its nothing serious just a random lyric that came to my mind

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mark Knopfler Rocks !!

I had been to the Mark Knopfler concert on the 7th of March(ThoughtWorks sponsored tickets worth 2500Rs. each !!).....The music was superb, the dude is a magician with the guitar and he changed like 36 guitars during the 2 hour perfomance!! Other than the expected "sultans..." and "Romeo and Juliet", Mark came up with "Train to Moscow", "Philedelphia" and "So far away from me"....the music sent me in a trance I have yet to wake up from.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


hehehehe...this is certainly funny, saw it at a friends blog and decided to blog it too. click on the title and enjoy !!

Narain Karthikeyan

An average F1 driver looses about 4kgs of weight after just one race due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces and temperatures for little over an hour (Yeah thats right!!!)............I wonder how many races it would take for Narain to dissapear, hehehehehe. I am being mean.Wish that the man makes a big name and reputation for himself and our country. Way to Go.


Check out the link for an amazing but wierd poece of artwork....wonder how it was done
I know its been quite sometime since I have blogged......in a way this blog is good, friends know that when I am not blogging I am busy...so they dont feel like i am ignoring them.