Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spells of gray

Ah this is how I have always imagined London to be. Dark Cold and Wet :) I like 'Dark Cold and Wet' even if it means heading to work in 1 degree Celsius and constant rain!

The best part I like about gloomy weather is the fact that colours become so vibrant, every now and then amongst the people scurrying about in their black or charcoal gray business suits/raincoats, one sees a lady in a red overcoat or a guy with a bright green scarf, and these colours take a life of their own against the dark gray skies.

Wish I could take a picture to express better what I am trying to help visualise in words, who knows I just might!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Play it again sam!

On Christmas day, I watched Evam's staging of the Oscar Wilde play "The importance of being earnest".
Now this play has a plot right out of a Wodehousian novel, full of romance, confused identities and witty one liners, great scope for a wonderful play.

But Evam's take on this play was a huge disappointment :(

I expect much more from a well known (and IMHO over rated) company such as Evam, the acting was quite decent, but the overall set up was bad.

The stage hands took an eternity to set the stage between scenes, one could see them fumbling with torches in their hands on a dark stage to place a table and a couple of chairs that were the only things gracing an otherwise empty stage.

The backdrops were just about ok and the over all look and feel was very amateurish. I know this is not the 'Mosuetrap', 'The Phantom of the Opera' or "The lion king' but one does expect something better from a professional theatre group.


Monday, January 12, 2009


This is how the keywords on my blog look on WORDLE, go try!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Movieees!

Slumdog Millionaire

A great plot and a decently executed movie :) Loved the freshness that this brings through. I loved how the story darts back and forth,to fit in together quite nicely. The characterisation is great as well, we find ourselves rooting for Jamal Malik, the protagonist, from the first story itself.

What I did not like (read, HATED) was this scene:

Jamal the kid is playing a tourist guide to a couple of firangs, and his 'friends' rob and vandalise the American's taxi, as the taxi driver comes back and beats Jamal up, Jamal says "You want to see the REAL India, this is the real India!"
and hte American saves the boy from the beating hands him a 100 Dollar note and says "and this is the real America son" Yuck! Pathetic!

Other than that I had not many issues with the movie, though I think Danny Boyle is just a below average director.

Cinema Paradiso

Wonderful! watching this movie had been long pending, it was worth the wait :) I loved the movie. I am sure I am one of the very few who has NOT watched it yet, but if you have not done so either, watch it today!!

other movies that I watched and a one word/phrase review for each (because I do not have the patience today to write about them) follow,

Transporter 3 - I could have done without watching it

Ghajini - one of the worst movies of the year. Don't want to waste time reviewing it

Before the devil knows you are dead - Drams, okayish.

Butterfly effect - Psychological Thriller, alright.

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye
- My respect for Abhay Deol, grows in leaps and bounds, nice movie!

Wings of the dove
- Romance, Indian style set in Victorian(?) England. Not too good

American Gangster - ok

Exorcism of Emily Rose
- umm hmm

Rear Window
- Wonderful classic :)

Charlie and the chocolate factory
- Johnny Depp! like it!

The Kingdom
- decent thriler/action movie about terrorism

Tropic Thunder
- Pathetic!

Angel Heart
- Mickey Rourke take a bow :) I like the movie!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Celebrating New Year's - the monopoly way

Here is wishing all you people a fantastic year ahead! I typically enjoy celebrating new year at home, with the inner circle :)

Not for me the garish, loud and crowded parties/bashes to usher in a new year. This year was no different, the inner circle was home and after quiet dinner and exchanging gifts, we got down to unraveling the mysteries of the Transformer we bought(read previous post... droool). Having figured that out, we decided to try our hands at monopoly, and what a game that turned out to be.

We had planned to play for a couple of hours and call it quits, but once we got hooked, we just went on and on... first time I have played a board game all through the night!

here are the highlights of our game

- Dilip got to go to Jail a record 6 times

- Raj ended up paying rent or picking up chance/community cards that made him have to shell out loads of money either to the bank or the other players eg. " You are celebrating becoming the chairman of an Electric company, pay 50$ to all players" rotfl

- I managed to play a decent game (for once!), and reaped quite a few benefits of most investments I had made

- Amu ended up being the only person to have built a house on one of her properties and eventually won the game when we decided to call it quits at 6:30 am in the morning.

Fantastic way to spend New Year's eve!


Amu and I, gifted ourselves a wonderful wonderful transformer for New Years- Autobot Blades!

This voyager class transformer, has a wonderful colour scheme and a level 3 conversion (from Robot to Helicopter and back).

As you can see from the picture, he looks fantastic in robot mode and better in helicopter mode :D

This is a great buy ! We love it and converting it is a joy !