Saturday, November 07, 2009

Project 'Whal-e' :P

One more door to be painted, this time on the inside of the bathroom door

Phase1: Decide how we want the door to look...

It's the bathroom, hence one should have something that goes with the mood, and what better than a whale frolicking in the bathtub ? :P

So, we have penciled in the Whale (Whal-E) and its bath-tub equipped with a bar of soap :)

Phase2: The paint job

Colouring this in should be simpler than the 'peeping girl' drawing on the outside of the door, I mean how multi-coloured can a whale get eh?

So its blue for the whale and white for the bathtub and maybe a bit of pink for the soap

We have started off and here is the first shot (we are letting the paint dry before continuing on)

Watch this space for updates :)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

More movies :)

Well I have watched loads of movies between my last big review and now. I shall try and recall them all, but am sure to miss quite a few. Here goes


Well easily one of the best animation movies in a looooong time :)

we watched this on a whim, when late into the evening, someone said hey lets go watch a movie and given a choice between 'Wanted' and 'Up' I chose to buy tickets for UP.

Brilliantly made, with a story line that is touching and funny at the same time.


Inglourious Basterds

Well, I loved a couple of characters (The brilliant Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa) and loads of awesome scenes that only Tarantino can churn up, but the shoddy editing and some very very bad casting decisions (read the extremely idiotic Eli Roth as 'Bear Jew' and Diane Kruger as some actress) made this movie an average experience for me.


A lovely Lebanese movie that will be enjoyed more by the fairer sex since they can relate to it better, I could go on to call it a Lebanese chick-flick, and am not ashamed to admit that I quite liked it too.
A simple story line, wonderful direction and a good cast gives us an interesting insight into a slice of Lebanese life :)

note: The shapely lady in the poster is the the main character as well as the director of the movie


A good taut thriller written to be the exact opposite of 'Phonebooth' (The protagonist in Cellular has to keep running to save an abducted family who is in serious danger of getting wiped out.)

Well made. A good movie to watch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The International

Clive Owens and Naomi Watts star in this 'thriller' of err international proportions. Except for one good gun fight sequence, this movie - about a bank that is buying huge amounts of Chinese made weapons to supply them to encourage conflict in third world countries so that their debt increases - is boring.
Either that or banks dealing with weapons don't interest me.
If people tell you that this is a good movie, I can assure you that more times than not they just want to show-off that their understanding of international finance and politics is what made the movie interesting to them. But let me tell you that this is a BORING movie, avoid it, unless of course you have had too much excitement in your life and are looking for some boredom.

Bore yaaaawn boooore. I am sure by now you get the point.

The boat that rocked

From the makers of 'Four wedding and a funeral', 'Notting Hill' and 'Love Actually' (all movies that I loved!) comes 'The boat that rocked'.

The year is 1966, BBC plays only 45 minutes of music in a day. Rock n roll is considered to be a bad influence and obviously is craved for by the majority of the British population.
So here come the Pirate radio stations that broadcast music 24 hours a day 365 days a year from ships stationed in the North Sea!

This story - based on a string of real life events - is about one such radio station(headed by the awesome Bill Nighy) airing banned music from aboard 'Radio Rock', and its DJ's. It is also a coming of age story of a young chap who is sent by his mother to mend his ways (or so he thinks) to the worst place one can be to mend their ways - Radio Rock!

This is a movie about music, purely about music and a little bit of love and a little bit of friendship.

Quite nicely made, I liked it, but I shall not recommend it to you unless you loooove music and a little bit of experimental movie making :)

The Mummy - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

I think next the makers will come up with 'The Mummy - Tomb of the Drag queen' or 'The Mummy - how to make your girlfriend a mummy' ahem, anyway here is the review...

After a superbly made 'The Mummy', which started off the whole series, it is sad to see this franchise going down so quickly and so badly.

This pathetically made excuse for a movie was watched by me due to lack of anything better to watch on tv.

Prof. Rick Donnel's son, Alex is now a grown up lad, in fact he is now older than his dad or at least looks like it, has a girlfriend who is immortal and be-friends a group of Yeti's.

No kidding! There is one scene where surrounded by the evil villain's soldiers, she runs up a mountain side and calls 'yeti yeti' and lo behold they come running to beat the soldiers up!

Jet Li is the Chinese mummy/emperor who has little or nothing to do, except get his ass kicked when Brendon Fraser tells him 'Enough of your magic and tricks, fight like a man!'

Pathetic and disgusting.

Six Shooter

I have been a huuuge fan of Martin Mcdonagh ever since I watched the awesome 'In Bruges'.

This 27 minute short film is typical Martin Mcdonagh.

This dark dark comedy (if you can call it that) is about a train ride that has a group of passengers who have all had a death in the family.

There is Brendon Gleeson who has had his wife die that very morning, there is this couple whose baby had a cot death the previous day and then there is this weird and almost psychopathic young guy who cannot stop talking, who has his mother who died the previous day!

Apart from anecdotes about exploding cows, ugly babies and shouting at sheep this movie showcases how different people deal with death.

Well made but only for those of you who appreciate dark humour (I obviously liked it :P).