Saturday, November 07, 2009

Project 'Whal-e' :P

One more door to be painted, this time on the inside of the bathroom door

Phase1: Decide how we want the door to look...

It's the bathroom, hence one should have something that goes with the mood, and what better than a whale frolicking in the bathtub ? :P

So, we have penciled in the Whale (Whal-E) and its bath-tub equipped with a bar of soap :)

Phase2: The paint job

Colouring this in should be simpler than the 'peeping girl' drawing on the outside of the door, I mean how multi-coloured can a whale get eh?

So its blue for the whale and white for the bathtub and maybe a bit of pink for the soap

We have started off and here is the first shot (we are letting the paint dry before continuing on)

Watch this space for updates :)


longblackveil said...

I shall judge this look by its blubber. So far, so good.
Make sure the Whal-E looks psychotic. Then it'll be really fun.

N said...

Whats the orange about?

Apoorv Gawde said...

@LBV - Psychotic hmmmm not a bad idea :D depends on my mood when we add in the facial features really

@N - Orange?? maybe the flash on the creamish door confused you, its really a cream background. bas