Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last read - Goddess: Marilyn Monroe's Biography

About the book: Its a very detailed and well researched book about the life and times of Marilyn Monroe by Anthony Summers.

I am not into reading biographies...but when I saw this one on the shelves of 'BookWorm' a bookstore selling secondhand books, I decided to read up a bit on Marilyn :)

its an informative book....with info about the hundereds of people Marilyn seems to have slept with and The mystery surrounding her death.

I end up not really liking Marilyn and hating the Kennedy's !

anyway am now picking up 'Angel of Darkness' by Caleb Carr hoping this would turn out to be more interesting :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Song of the week!

hm mm ...
magar lagataa hai kuchh aisaa, meraa hamadam mil gayaa
na tum hame jaano, na ham tumhe jaane
magar lagataa hai kuchh aisaa, meraa hamadam mil gayaa
na tum ...

yah mausam yah raat chup hai, do hoton kii baat chup hai
khaamoshii sunaane lagii, hai daastaa.
nazar ban ga_ii hai, dil kii zubaa.
na tum ...

muhabbat ke moD pe ham, mile sabako chhoD ke ham
dhaDakate dilon kaa leke, ye kaaravaa
chale aaj dono, jaane kahaa
na tum ...

Me thinks Hemant Kumar has a really supercool voice :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Superman returns...

and I wonder why?? why did he return....why did i go watch it? yawn yawn yawn
Superman is a stupid superhero (Batman rocks!). I just cannot stand the bright and shiny Superman.
The movie has a crappy script and even Kevin Spacey cannot rescue the movie...just one saving grace for the movie is, where Superman saves Lois Lane (surpirse surprise) and safely lands a plane on a baseball field in middle of a game, so that the crowd can applaud him. its a fast paced scene, unlike the rest of the movie.

Go back Superman and do not show your face in the thetres again !!

Friday, July 21, 2006

How Green is your city?

I was on my terrace the other day...and just clicked. Mind you I stay in the heart of Bangalore and this is what surrounds me :)




Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Blogspot blocked in India....hmmm minor irritant :) wont stop me blogging !

More news...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Current Mood: Irritated

People Accept meeting invites......and do not turn up to meetings.

People talk about movie plans and expect you to organise the whole thing, so that they can grace the occasion with their presence.

People do not respond to mails

People do not respond to the messenger, be it work related or personal.

Its friday morning and I am in a rotten mood. I would rather be at home with a book than have to deal with people !

If you are reading this on friday July 14th and you plan to

Call me
Talk to me
meet me
ping me on yahoo
Scrap me on Orkut

Just one advice: STAY AWAY!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Road ‘trip’ : Church Street

Koshy’s at one end and Planet ‘M’ at the other, ‘Church Street’ right in between.

Bowling alleys, restaurants, coffee shops, DVD stores, lots of book shops and much more makes up this lovely street.

Church street is the perfect place to spend an entire Saturday.

Browse through books in ‘premier’ book store. A lovely, expensive place where one can buy first hand books. Despite being a book lovers paradise this has never been my favorite place.

‘Blossoms’ = Books for me , One can find the rarest of books for the cheapest bargains. I spend hours some Saturdays at this place. I have been told that ‘Select’ is a better bookstore for second hand books, I am yet to find it :(
If you are a movie freak…then ‘habitat’ is the place for you. This place has the best collection of DVD’s in Bangalore, stuff that you may never find elsewhere. Beware ‘Habitat’ is very expensive.

Lunch may mean ‘Koshy’s’ for non veggies, ‘Angethi’ for the veggies or ‘Katti Zone’ for rolls :)

There is the ever present ‘Java City’ with live Jazz on Saturdays for coffee. However, if you have a liquid diet then a pitcher of beer at ‘Pecos’ is the best bet.

‘Bombay House’ for snacks.

Bowling at ‘Amoeba’ is most fun if one were to go in a gang of 5 or more!

Church street also offers great dinner options. ‘Empire’ yes its one of my favorite hangouts. The kitchens never seem to close, no matter what time of the night.

‘Bheema’s’ if you are in the mood for Spicy Andhra food. ‘Three Quarters Chinese’ for Chinese food.

Also ‘Barton Center’ has an entrance from Church street which means one can visit ‘13th Floor’ the pub that offers one of the best views of Bangalore or ‘Ebony’ a restaurant also on the 13th floor that offers an equally good view of Bangalore. However you need to be seated in the balcony for this.

So if you are in Bangalore this is one street you do not want to miss!!

‘Movie’ Review: XXX – State of the Union

Lol, Apparently this is an action movie…. I knew this movie was bad, but I wanted to see how bad it really was.

The worst movie I have ever seen in any language is ‘Ghosts of Mars’ starring Ice Cube.
When I thought Ice Cube could not do worse, he is in and as the ‘new’ XXX.

Well, a porn movie sometimes has a better plot and screenplay than this piece of shit that passes itself as a movie.

The movie has people walking about looking ‘cool’, with some rap music playing in the background, and these cool people go around saying ‘Save me the lecture’ or stuff along those lines and guess what ? The movie ends.

The movie has a hilarious climax where the ‘hero’ chases a bullet train catches up with it driving a sports car on the railway track!!

And yes ‘Ice Cube’ is an apt name for the fat, ugly guy, he is frozen alright.

If this is the ‘State of the Union’….it sure is a pitiable state.

Avoid this movie like the plague !

Monday, July 03, 2006


A revelation at the Hairdressers on Sunday ! My barber resembles the 'Great' and nasal Himmesh Reshamiya.....
A beard , a jacket and a base ball cap to match. Starting a conversation with him got out interesting stuff.
He told me inside information like the song "Jhalak dikhalaja.....ek baar aaja aaja" was banned because the dead were responding to the song and getting out of their graves !! and all this with a straight face.

He soon stopped talking and started belting out popular Himesh songs and the transformation was complete :D

P.S: I hope my barber is not into active blogging, else my next haircut may not be very plesant looking