Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 movies with a twist

There are some movies that are 'slice of life' and others that make you sit up and stare at the screen in amazement here is a list of the latter, movies that have a twist at the end that one never expected:)
again, in no particular order the five movies at the top of my mind are...


This classic stays imprinted in my mind because I watched it when I was a kid and it stil made me go wooow!


The editing the fast paced narration and the thing about this movie is, it ties everything together in the end and then gives it a vicious twist! lovely !

The usual suspects

Kevin Spacey, brilliant

The Others

One of my all time favourite horror movies. what a turn this one takes!


If one thought the movie was edge of the seat, the twist was definitely unexpected!


Here is something I made today :)

All I did was

1. Visited PaperCraft
2. Downloaded the templates
3. Took a print out
4. Created the bird with scissors and glue

Saturday, July 12, 2008

5 Weird movies

They are zany, they are twisted and they are insane. Here is a list and gist of 5 of the most insane movies (in no particular order) that I have watched


Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Geena Davis star in this weird movie about an alien spaceship containing 3 aliens (a red alien, a green alien and a blue alien) that lands in a swimming pool in America and the weirdness that ensues is unparalleled, well almost.


"a bit of the old ultra-violence"

This is one weird movie that I enjoyed a lot. It is one movie that deserves its cult status! I love this movie!


This movie to me is the epitome of weirdness, a couple play detectives who help solve existential issues and the movie makes no sense whatsoever and is NOT funny by any stretch of imagination. Oh and I cannot stand Lily Tomlin so she helps the movie grow weirder exponentially


Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham, a surefire combo to success right? WRONG! this is one movie that takes action to various metaphysical planes and gives the viewer a doped feeling. You guys were involved in Lock Stock... and Snatch. What went wrong here guys??


Man, this dope head movie is one that will make it to my weird movie list every time.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Where the truth lies

A Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth movie about a popular stand-up comedy duo, a Ménage à trois gone wrong and a murder mystery.
Unfortunately for me most of the plot was in the "offending scenes" that were edited out on HBO to make the movie suitable for family viewing, hence I did NOT get the plot! did not seem like much of a plot though :) *The grapes are sour, he says*

Lucky Number Slevin

Harman Baweja is a cheap imitation of Hrithik (not that Hrithik is anything great), and this director is a wannabe Guy Ritchie, he does a take on the the Tarantino/Ritchie style of direction.

However, even some 'interesting' sound track and an ensemble of popular actors - Bruce Willis, Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman to name a few, cannot save this tripe!

The suspense is basically created by showing the viewer a series of scenes that do not show one or the other character and then later showing these scenes again, only this time the faces of the characters are shown and the audience is expected to go 'oooooh' and 'aaaaah' for me this was more of an 'Ouchhhh!' movie.

Get Smart

Fantastic! Wonderful!

I watched this movie expecting it to be another 'Johnny English' or worse, another 'Austin Powers' but I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised :)

Steve Carrel does a brilliant job and the very pretty Anne Hathaway (siiiighhhhh) is as usual good!
and there is Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson and Dalip 'The Great Khali' Singh to provide some thrills.
The action sequences are awesome and could have been part of any Bond movie

This is one witty comedy that you would not regret watching