Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am 50 pages in and this is already building up in true Terry Pratchett style. Have not seen Death recently, hope this novel features it somewhere (also looking out for CMOT Dibbler, Death of Rats tee hee hee)

Listening to

Haseeno ne bulaya galey se bhi lagaya
bahut samajhaya yehi na samjha
bahut bhola hai bechara
na jaane kis pe aayega

Hemant kumar is a singer one needs getting used to before one can start enjoying his songs, a little unconventional singing style but nevertheless an effective one :)


Pamela Anderson provides her errr vocal talents to the animated character of Erotica Jones, Stripper by night Crime Fighter by later night.
Pamela Andersons talents lie elsewhere. If one were to ignore her irritating voice, there are some positives, such as the funny criminals, her imbecile chief. But one feels Stan Lee could have done a better job.

IMDB rates this TV series at 9.5 out of 10, which is impressive. the first 30 mins of women screeching at the top of their voices, random ppl crying and some of the worst acting I have ever seen on screen was like running fingernails across the blackboard of my very soul.
I will give it another go, only because imdb rates it so high

Friday, February 23, 2007


A sudden whim makes me want to play scrabble online, to go pit my wits against some unknown opponents, maybe. So I do what a sane person would do; which is to google for sites that allow me to play scrabble online.
I get a list, out of which I decide that Scrabulous is the one I am looking for.

First I am taken to a page that is an usablility nightmare. it declares in the faintest of print "Experience pure joy everytime" (err... right!)
I ignore this.
I register.
I am asked "May we have a photograph and a 70-80 word description please?"
I provide the photo and a one line description.
Next day I get a mail, why are you not playing? are you facing any problems?
(well I will play when I want to...) i ignore the mail

To my photo and description mail, I get a response
I quote this is how the mail begins
"umm can you try a little harder, with the description?"

Yeah dude I can try a little harder, but I want to play scrabble, not describe myself.
I would register onto a matrimonial website if i wanted to put in a photo and description!

I am waiting for a response on tht one.

grrrr this place easily tops my list of the shitty sites

Friday, February 16, 2007

Go Swarm!

This is an interesting place, I confess that it held my interest (an almost voyeuristic one) for no longer than 10 mins, but still interesting enough to blog about. so Swarm


Some of the ok ones like…

- The Big White
- The Notorious Bettie Page
- Someone to watch over
- Road Trip
- Borat Movie (this one was good in parts)

Some of the super ones

- Euro Trip: good good good :D

- Southpark – Bigger, Longer and Uncut: Lol , nice one :D
“What wud Brian Boitano do if he was here today?
He wud make a plan and follow thru
thts wht brian boitano wud do!”

- Finding Neverland: Awesome with a capital A! Johnny Depp is of course GOD, and Kate Winslet has me impressed with “Eternal Sunshine…” but this movie is out of the world.

- Butch Cassidy and the sundance kid: from one of the most romantic scenes ever filmed (“raindrops..”) to a brilliant last shot, this movie is worth a watch especially if you like westerns

- Motorcycle Diaries: Loved it(Reminded me a lil bit of swades). This one is just my kind of movie! Watch it for the travel, for the people, for the wonderful writing. If you enjoy aimless travel, you will enjoy this movie.
“How can I feel nostalgia for a world I have never seen”

A 4 day weekend full of fighter jets, copters, paratroopers (thx to the aero show), Cricket, Scrabble, Taking up a mission to help buy the 'perfect' ladies belt (bah!). Shopping for Pashmina shawls for a friend who is getting married.

The wedding attended, a Bundh missed and an impromptu 12 kilometre walk taken :)

In all a very nice weekend.