Saturday, March 24, 2007

wats the song?

Black Eyed Peas/Jack Johnson - Gone Going Gone
Dick Dale - Miserlou (the very heady [sic] pulp fiction number)
Elvis Presley - Can't help fallin in love
Sinatra's - Something Stupid

Oye wats the zhoke?

Its been a fun Friday!!
or let me put it this way its been a fun Friday!! (:P)
Standing in a very crowded TGIF. Those glasses are heavy damn!
Gate crashing a 'party' that turned out to be 5 people sitting around a TV, discussing India's chances of restricting Lanka from scoring 200. Escaping.
Barging into B77, at some ungodly hour and this time enjoying it!
Watching Lanka bend it and send it to India.

Gals can get the bar tenders attention no matter what the crowd!
Never gatecrash a 'party' with krymson and Miaow no matter what "sad innocent puppy face" they put up!

oh and wats the zhoke?....ask the Pankaaz!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


The King with half the East at heel is marched from lands of morning;
Their fighters drink the rivers up, their shafts benight the air,
And he that stands will die for nought, and home there's no returning.
The Spartans on the sea-wet rock sat down and combed their hair.'
- A.E. Housman 'The Oracles'

300 Did not dissapoint, on the contrary not only did it meet my expectations, it surpassed them.
300 is a great effort, to actually make a movie out of such an intense comic is difficult, Zack Snyder does a great job of it.
With some great fight sequences, a gripping soundtrack (a mix of Gothic Classical and Heavy Metal) Lot of blood! Lot of Gore! Lot of Pride! Lot of Glory! 300 is a movie worth watching.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Iteration Zero!!

Family Day at the Park Fields, remember last family day where we had practised days in advance, with the guitars, the keyboards, the Harmonica and the voices.

This time round, we made up the band on the way there and decided to play! 3 Guitars, Marco and I formed the band - 'Iteration Zero'

Dooba Dooba (obviously), Oh Sanam, Pal, Comfotably Numb were the numbers we err belted out!
and on popular request, we did Roo Ba Roo (which turned out to be fun, since, i did not know the lyrics and was attempting to sing them off a tissue paper written in a hurry by Tomahawk!)

I enjoyed singing by the pool! but what I enjoyed even more, was doing(learning) the Salsa by the pool as the sun set :)

Beautiful indeed.

Monday, March 05, 2007


After a super game of scrabble, We decided to take a friend out for his Happy Budday treat :P
Sitting in 13th floor on feb 24th the trip was planned.
Tickets were booked, and off we went on the first of March, to Mahabalipuram.

Since we did not get place at the TTDC hotel, we had to turn to an Auto guy, who took us to 'Laxmi Lodge'
Initially sceptical abt the place, we were surprised to see a resort by the sea, with its own swimming pool and a nice big A/C room, wich gave way to a nice lil lecture that the manager of the resort gave us

"Husband wife, one room, ok
Brother Sister, one room, ok
Lovers, one room, ok (stifled lafs)
4 guys 1 girl, one room, Not ok!
police coming problem happenin"

ROFL, we did convince him though that all was well.

Mahabalipuram is a quaint little town (GOD! I have so wanted to use this phrase), with some brilliant 7th century architecture (in form of awe-inspiring monolithic temples) and a beautiful but surprisingly empty beach.
The best way to see the town is to hire cycles. The interesting thing is that the town is over run by firangs.

Here are a few glimpses

Oh btw we eventually did get along well with the manager, who asked me to "comin with girlfriend next time , get discount " lol

and we solved the mystery of the strange cloud covering the full moon when we realised it was a complete lunar eclipse.