Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flight Plan


Pilot: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard! sorry for the delay in take off, My computer seems to have gone to sleep and refuses to wake up, I am just rebooting it and we should take off in the next 15 mins!

Pilot again...(30 mins Later): Well the computer is sure behaving odd, it refuses to wake up. I guess we will have to do without it! please fasten your seat belts, we take off in 2 mins


I nodded off while reading and awakened by the hysterical screams of the lady sitting next to me. As I slowly got myself back into the world of the conscious I realised that, in fact quite a few people were screaming.

The reason being that the plane was behaving like a roller coaster car.

I quite enjoyed the bumps and the sudden shuddering drops (very exciting, it being the first time i had experienced turbulence in air), but quite a few people, instead of being appreciative, were busying themselves either screaming or throwing up.

There were a few others who like me were grinning and enjoying the ride, and I can swear there was one guy who slept through the entire 15 minute period.

The pilot however was uncharacteristically quiet. Not a word from him.
Later when we landed (according to the lady next to me, "miraculously we are on the ground") and were disembarking, out came the pilot and I smiled at him.
He looked at me and said "Rough ride eh?" I nodded back in agreement, to which he responded
"I was praying in there!"
:-| next time we encounter turbulence, I will join in the screaming too!