Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why there are chances that "Bhaag Milkha bhaag" may be a flop...

As far as I am concerned, 'Bhaag Milkha bhaag' has been the most awaited movie of the year. The teasers in the theatre looked awesome and the music is fantastic!

Farhan Akhtar, good music, great looking cinematography - All the ingredients for a 'Hit', right?
So I thought as well, but imagine my surprise when in one of the trailers I caught sight of Sonam Kapoor in the movie!

Once I had picked up  my jaw from the floor, "The movie may still be salvaged despite Sonam's presence..." I assured myself.

Until I saw Farhan Akhtar do this...

Uh-oh! There goes the movie I thought...

Let me explain.

I have a theory - Any movie that places Sonam on a terrace is a flop. One may go on to extrapolate that, any movie that has Sonam is headed for a flop, but more on that later.

My terrace theory is also backed with certain evidence -


Guess who is running up the stairs headed towards the terrace?

Yes, Sonam.

Here is a picture of her standing at the terrace

Was the movie a hit? No sir.

Delhi 6

Here is Sonam dancing on the terrace, I did not bother with taking more screenshots, but 20-30% of this movie consists of Sonam on the terrace - either petting a pigeon or dancing or climbing down or regurgitating water on Abhishek Bacchan. You get the point.

Movie? Flop!


Yeah, you thought this one was from Delhi 6? It's from a movie called 'Mausam', which vanished without a trace at the box-office.
Lo behold, it has Sonam on the terrace.

Bhaag Milkha bhaag

Hence when I saw this scene


My heart sank.

Because I knew what was to follow

That is Sonam arriving on the terrace...

and here she is all ready to do what she does best

Siiigghhhh. I have no clue why this obsession with being seen on the terrace.

I am anyway going to watch this one as soon as it is released, but you have been warned.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

More movies

So many movies and so little time blogging, that I need to try out a few short-cuts to catch up ;)

Movies that you can miss

Pirates - Band of misfits -
Yes an animated movie that does not quite cut-it

Hotel Transylvania -
Another disappointing animated film

Safe House -

Jack reacher -
Dumb action flick

W.E. -
Long drawn and boring biopic about someone I do not care about.

Ted -
Totally failed when it crashed against the wall of my expectations

Expendables II -
Supremely average, yet better than part I

Anna Karenina -
Keira Knightley does well, but overall the movie does not sit well on the mind.

The Dictator -
I like Sasha Baron Cohen. But the movie is average at best. I loved Borat, this one does not come close.

Movies that are average and watchable on a lazy weekend

Skyfall -
My favourite Bond movie that does not have Pierce Brosnan in it

Celeste and Jesse forever -

Perks of being a wallflower -
It is an average movie at best. Ignore the hype.

Prometheus - 
I quite liked this one. But nothing great.

Cheerful weather for the wedding - 
Decent movie. Very British, which I liked.

Silver Linings Playbook - 
Okayish. Too American for my liking.

The suspicions of inspector Whicher - 
A TV film about a real life murder case.

Iron Man 3 - 
Average in that one needs to watch it to follow Iron Man. But disappointing villain. 

My Blueberry nights - 
Norah Jones, does a great job. A very watchable film.

Movies that you MUST watch!

Safety not guaranteed - 
An advertisement in a newspaper, that proclaimed that a time traveler needed a companion made the rounds over the internet some years ago. This movie takes off on that premise and is fantastic! There is something interesting about the pretty 

Argo - 
When Ben Affleck gets it right, it works well. He gets this one right.

Hobbit- An unexpected journey - 
Fantastic! If nothing else then for the scene where the Dwarfs sing 'Over the misty mountains'

Get Carter - 
For all those who can only think of Michael Caine as Batman's butler, this movie is a MUST. Caine is perfect as Carter a small time gangster who is out to avenge his brothers death. Loaded with style and awesomeness.

The Sweeney - 
Well, a good watch if you are an action movie fan. This one is an out an out fast paced action movie.

Django Unchained - 
I loved this one. It isn't Tarantino's best, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Christoph Waltz is fantastic.

Seven psycopaths - 
 and Colin Farrel team up again (After the brilliant 'In Bruges') for another dark comedy action. This is one strange movie, but I loved it! :D

The Great Gatsby (2013) - 
I loved this movie. I thought it was a great adaptation of the book with fantastic casting.

Blue Velvet - 
David Lynch is known to make movies that are strange. But this 1986 movie somehow, is awesome. A strange thriller, that hits the right spot. Almost a cult classic.