Sunday, June 02, 2013

More movies

So many movies and so little time blogging, that I need to try out a few short-cuts to catch up ;)

Movies that you can miss

Pirates - Band of misfits -
Yes an animated movie that does not quite cut-it

Hotel Transylvania -
Another disappointing animated film

Safe House -

Jack reacher -
Dumb action flick

W.E. -
Long drawn and boring biopic about someone I do not care about.

Ted -
Totally failed when it crashed against the wall of my expectations

Expendables II -
Supremely average, yet better than part I

Anna Karenina -
Keira Knightley does well, but overall the movie does not sit well on the mind.

The Dictator -
I like Sasha Baron Cohen. But the movie is average at best. I loved Borat, this one does not come close.

Movies that are average and watchable on a lazy weekend

Skyfall -
My favourite Bond movie that does not have Pierce Brosnan in it

Celeste and Jesse forever -

Perks of being a wallflower -
It is an average movie at best. Ignore the hype.

Prometheus - 
I quite liked this one. But nothing great.

Cheerful weather for the wedding - 
Decent movie. Very British, which I liked.

Silver Linings Playbook - 
Okayish. Too American for my liking.

The suspicions of inspector Whicher - 
A TV film about a real life murder case.

Iron Man 3 - 
Average in that one needs to watch it to follow Iron Man. But disappointing villain. 

My Blueberry nights - 
Norah Jones, does a great job. A very watchable film.

Movies that you MUST watch!

Safety not guaranteed - 
An advertisement in a newspaper, that proclaimed that a time traveler needed a companion made the rounds over the internet some years ago. This movie takes off on that premise and is fantastic! There is something interesting about the pretty 

Argo - 
When Ben Affleck gets it right, it works well. He gets this one right.

Hobbit- An unexpected journey - 
Fantastic! If nothing else then for the scene where the Dwarfs sing 'Over the misty mountains'

Get Carter - 
For all those who can only think of Michael Caine as Batman's butler, this movie is a MUST. Caine is perfect as Carter a small time gangster who is out to avenge his brothers death. Loaded with style and awesomeness.

The Sweeney - 
Well, a good watch if you are an action movie fan. This one is an out an out fast paced action movie.

Django Unchained - 
I loved this one. It isn't Tarantino's best, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Christoph Waltz is fantastic.

Seven psycopaths - 
 and Colin Farrel team up again (After the brilliant 'In Bruges') for another dark comedy action. This is one strange movie, but I loved it! :D

The Great Gatsby (2013) - 
I loved this movie. I thought it was a great adaptation of the book with fantastic casting.

Blue Velvet - 
David Lynch is known to make movies that are strange. But this 1986 movie somehow, is awesome. A strange thriller, that hits the right spot. Almost a cult classic.

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