Thursday, April 07, 2011

The response

I received a sms which I will find very hard to forget, it read:

"Superman ud raha hai
Batman dushmano se lad raha hai
Spiderman diwaron pe chad raha hai
aur doberman sms padh raha hai"

Now, the dilemma was around how to respond to such wonderfully expressed sentiments. I could respond with another joke ("an old woman died in her childhood" types), but I always feel obliged to be appreciative of the sms sender's humour (or his makers in this case).

Now this brings me to another set of choices, which always confuse me:

LOL/ROFL - It apparently seems to suggest that I am doubling over with laughter, when in reality I am just typing 3 letters with a poker face. So it feels a little patronizing


Haha - everybody likes a good onomatopoeia, give that one knows what it is (no, it is not a medical procedure). But how many haha's ?
'haha', seems short, almost sounds like a sarcastic laugh, but 'hahaha', seems like a laugh that starts promisingly but ends suddenly, again indicating sarcasm. hahahaha, or anything longer makes me feel like I am beginning to sounds like an idiot.

For the life of me, I haven't yet cracked yet what the apt response needs to be - I normally tend to alternate between the two responses, but wish there was a better way of expressing mirth via sms.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

The complexity of ordering food

If I come to think of it, ordering food in a restaurant always involves some complex maneuver's. Firstly you need to tackle the group you are with - At times everyone wants to order, shouting out orders and interspersing it with conversations with each other. This always gets me annoyed. Then there are times when no-one wants to order and everyone goes "Anything's okay".
Over that I am always suspicious of the guy taking the order, I am always certain that he's never got it down correctly! So I am restless until the food arrives.
But in all this, the most complex food order has to be ordering for 'Lime Soda'. Unless people on the table have known each other for year's, ordering lime soda is tough.
Here is how the order goes:
Someone - One 'Lime Soda- sweet' please
someone else - one more 'Lime soda - salt' please
me - 'Lime soda -sweet and salt', please
another person - yeah sweet for me too
last person - lime soda
Ordering lime soda is always messy