Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some cricket...

When in school and college, we had all the time in the world to play cricket, the biggest issue used to be -
1. Risk of losing the cricket ball or damaging the bat as we would rarely afford to keep buying a bat or a tennis/cricket ball.
2. Lugging the cricket bat on a crowded bus all the way to the ground and back.

Nowadays, we can buy an entire cricket kit without worrying about cost and the kit sits in the car which forms our modern transport, but, the biggest issue is finding time to play cricket :)

However, today we did manage to find some time. The same gang from school/college gathered together (well, at least 4 of us did) at about 7:30 am, however we realised there was just no place to be found to play cricket. Most grounds were occupied by school kids for Republic Day (which was quite cool).
It took us close to 2 hours to find a place where we could play. This place turned out to be 7 kms away from our planned ground.
For Raj this ground was 40kms away from his home, for Dilip and Naveen it was about 25kms away!

Anyway, we finally did get to play cricket and just like we have been promising each other since school, we said "Guys, we should continue playing cricket and playing it a little more regularly "

While we may not find the time to get together to play cricket as regularly as we used to, its good to see that we are still willing to travel long distances and take a few hardships to play a game of cricket . Just like the old times :D

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Three from the road

Okay, so in last class we learnt how to cross the road. In this class we shall learn what to watch out for when driving.

1. The airplane landing gear

Modus Operandi:
This is frequently observed in non-geared two wheelers. At the first sign of traffic, the rider (most probably a saree clad lady), will put out both legs from the scooter in mid-air in anticipation of stopping; Just like the aircraft landing gear that comes out right before landing.
But this person will rarely stop and most probably will continue cruising down the middle of the road with their legs out and at the slowest possible speed that will still allow forward movement.

Why they are bad:
The more hilarious they look the more dangerous they are. Just like circus clowns brrrrr.

How to overcome them:
Overtake them from a careful distance at the first opportunity. Unless you want to loiter behind them clicking pictures to show your friends

2. The case of the invisible bus-stop

Sounds like a story from the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes eh?

Modus Operandi:
A bus-stops is supposedly meant to be a pre-determined location by the side of a road which will allow passengers to alight and hop onto buses conveniently, while allowing other traffic to pass by smoothly. Well or so the grand plan was. Only, someone forgot to tell the bus drivers this.
Resulting in chaos every time you happen to trail behind a bus. The bus at times decides to stop right in the middle of the road without any warning, most of the times parallel to the bus stand, but some way away from it, thereby stalling all traffic and if you are driving for the first time, it will give you an opportunity to crash into the bus.

That is not all, it may happen that a convoy of buses have stopped by the road and one of them suddenly decides to pull out of the convoy - again without any warning - at an akward angle.

Why they are bad:
The bus, by design, is a large vehicle. Due to this property that it possesses, any trailing vehicle has no means to see what lies ahead of the bus. Therefore your driving solely depends on staring at the tail lights of the bus. Any sudden moves by the bus can cause havoc!

How to overcome them:
Memorise the bustops on your regularly taken routes, the bus stopping pattern must become a part of your muscle memory.
Once this is the case, then you can use the bus stopping pattern to your advantage. laugh at the stalled traffic as you whizz by!

3. Maruti Ritz

Alright time for what may seem to some like a sweeping generalisation, but rest assured it isn't.

If you ever see a Maruti Ritz in front of you, then be aware that you are in for a torrid 5-10 minutes. God forbid you should have one in front of you on a highway, then you can happily shift to 2nd gear and enjoy the scenery.
The car itself looks like it has recently acquainted its rear with a truck's front, and this could be a reason for its weird behaviour.

For those of you who own and drive a Ritz and who at this moment may have certaing negative feelings creeping in your mind about me, I have just one thing to say: Get a new car and go get a driving instructor!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tagged: 11 of my favourite romantic songs

Okay Amu has tagged me and I need to come with a list of 11 of my favourite romantic songs.

1. Choo kar mere mann ko - Yaarana (Kishore Kumar)
Tu jo kahe jeeva bhar,
tere liye main gaaun
geet tere bolo par
likhta chala jaa un

2. Pal pal dil ke paas -Blackmail (Kishore Kumar)
har raat khwabon mein
tera aachal leheraye
har raat yaadon ki
baarat le aaye

3. Phoolon ke rang se - Prem Pujari (Kishore Kumar)
Saason ki sargam, dhadkan ki veena
Sapno ki gitanjali tu
Mann ki gali mein, meheke jo har dam
aisi juhi ki kali tu...

4. Dooba Dooba - Silk Route, Mohit Chauhan
Koyi jaane na, pehchane na
Yeh hua kaise
Tum aagaye, khwabon mein aise

5. Chandan sa badan - Sarawasti Chandra (Mukesh)
ye kaam kamaan bhawe teree
palako ke kinaare kajaraare
maathepar sindooree suraj
hothhon pe dahakate angaare
saayaa bhee jo teraa pad jaaye
aabaad ho dil kaa wiraanaa

6. Sab ka katega - Bodhi Tree :P
Teri yaadon mein kal ki raina bitayi thhi
Meri aankhon mein phir se aas bhar aayi thhi
Shaakhon se phool toote, raahon mein jiske
Dil dooba, numm hua pyaar mein uske...

7. Sabse peeche hum khade - Mohit Chauhan
zamane ki baaton mein uljho na
hai yeh aasan jaan na
khud se agar tum jo puccho
hain hum tumhare ki nahi

8. Aap par arz hai - Lucky Ali
Aap par arz hai,
laakhon karodo arabo salaam
Aap na hote toh yeh dil
Jaane kisko deta salaam

9. Bade acche lagte hai - Balika Badhu (Amit Kumar)
Tum in sabko, chhod ke kaise
kal, subaha jaaogi
mere saath, inhe bhi toh tum
yaad bahut aaogi

10. Chal chale - Woh Lamhe (James)
Na jaha bheed ho, na jahan bhar ke log
na sheher mein basey, laahkon logon ka shor
chand lamhe tu inse mujhe duur kar
chal chale apne ghar, humsafar

11. Humsafar - Mohit Chauhan
Sur se saji, geeton si teri yaad
Tum bin sanam, bhaaye na koyi baat
Kaise kaho, akele chalun aaj
Aao sanam, Soone hai dil ke saaz

Feel free to pick this tag :)