Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spells of gray

Ah this is how I have always imagined London to be. Dark Cold and Wet :) I like 'Dark Cold and Wet' even if it means heading to work in 1 degree Celsius and constant rain!

The best part I like about gloomy weather is the fact that colours become so vibrant, every now and then amongst the people scurrying about in their black or charcoal gray business suits/raincoats, one sees a lady in a red overcoat or a guy with a bright green scarf, and these colours take a life of their own against the dark gray skies.

Wish I could take a picture to express better what I am trying to help visualise in words, who knows I just might!

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Amu said...

:D Perrrfect.....I don't understand why the hell you are into IT?