Sunday, January 18, 2009

Play it again sam!

On Christmas day, I watched Evam's staging of the Oscar Wilde play "The importance of being earnest".
Now this play has a plot right out of a Wodehousian novel, full of romance, confused identities and witty one liners, great scope for a wonderful play.

But Evam's take on this play was a huge disappointment :(

I expect much more from a well known (and IMHO over rated) company such as Evam, the acting was quite decent, but the overall set up was bad.

The stage hands took an eternity to set the stage between scenes, one could see them fumbling with torches in their hands on a dark stage to place a table and a couple of chairs that were the only things gracing an otherwise empty stage.

The backdrops were just about ok and the over all look and feel was very amateurish. I know this is not the 'Mosuetrap', 'The Phantom of the Opera' or "The lion king' but one does expect something better from a professional theatre group.


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