Thursday, May 21, 2009

The rains are here...

Its been raining every other day, the heavenly summer evenings have given way to evening showers. Now this is wonderful if one is sitting indoors, gawking at the rain thundering against the windows. The traffic suddenly disappears and the rain brings down visibility to about 20 feet.

Rains do sometimes bring along unscheduled power cuts, but these can be turned to one's advantage, like on Sunday when the power failed followed by the generator, it was carrom time for the family, with each member holding a torch and planning out the shot's :P

But most painful are the roads, that always seem to be under repair right when the rains arrive, or it could be that they are constantly under "repair" all through the year but I notice them only during the rains.

But all said and done, I think I do like the rainy Bangalore, at least it adds more joy to life to be able to sit in the balcony sipping tea and eating hot bhajis :)

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