Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Connecting People

There are so many things that we take for granted.8-10 years ago, Phones were not the norm.....if friends had to meet up, say for a movie, it had to be decided long in advance, where they would meet etc etc.The phone came and exchanging notes and important questions on the eve of exams became easier. One could call a friend and speak to him/her or leave a message or get information: "Aunty has he left already...well we have been waiting since the past one hour and yet no sign of him".I got my first cell phone a couple of years ago, I had never felt the need for it until then. Today, there are no plans made in advance....."lets meet this weekend" is all that neds to be said, nobody amongst us bothers to ask where when how what ????Suffice to know that all of us are connected with mobile communication devices and can accomodate last minute changes. I wonder whether we will survive if all of a sudden one day these small things taken for granted by us, are taken away from us.

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amu said...

true...very true...couldn't imagine staying without a cell in India for a month. You are just so handicapped without it.