Thursday, June 19, 2008

BIAL -Bangalore Airport

If one were to visit the BBMP (aka BMP) offices and manage to sneak past the files and the babus, I am sure somewhere in the innermost sanctum sanctorum of that great edifice sits a monkey tapping away at it computer and churning out plans involving flyovers that need traffic cops and signals perched atop, and underpasses that need you to take deviations from the main road so that you can use the underpass to get to the main road that you just deviated from.
Warped? What else can you expect from a monkey?

Well, before I deviate like the Bellary Main road, let me get back to the topic at hand!

The road to the airport has taken its own sweet time, The airport however is on a completely different level altogether!

Wonderful parking facilities, a sprawling complex to accommodate everything that Bangalore can throw at it, very nice waiting lounge and wide open space if further plans of expansions exist.

After the Hebbal flyover the road leading to the airport is fantastic! (yes all 27 kms of it). No traffic snarls what so ever!

Excellent transport facilities to and fro from the Airport and for once some one in the planning committee has done something right!

I am a big fan of the new airport and I am appalled that so many people are complaining about the airport.

Bangalore is imploding, the need of the hour is to spread the city out, yes, there will be transport issues for some time, but so what?

Lets face it, the old airport was but a pathetic excuse for an airport, tiny, cramped, lacking basic facilities.
But no, we were willing to live with all that, just because it would save us 30 minutes of travel time to the airport.

What about the lack of seating in the lounges?, what about bad restrooms?, what about serpentine customs queues?
Never thought how much time was getting wasted there?

Its time we stop suffering from tunnel vision, and accept change!


longblackveil said...

Yayyyy. I see you are tripping on Wodehouses like yenything and all!
Very good.
I louwww the Psmith novels. He's possibly my favourite Wodehouse character.
Also, I have a fabulous Wodehouse biography, which any Wodehouse lover should get his/her paws on.
Just name the place and I'll hop along and and it over to you (muttering dire warnings in case you dog ear any page...).

Apoorv Gawde said...

I want I want I want! :D

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