Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Addendum: Life in the fast lane...

The next day after the post, a colleague struck up a conversation with me over lunch about my rant.

He was critical of the fact that I am errr critical.

I believe what he said was "Its very easy to criticise people, right Mr. Gawde?".

Well, absolutely. When I enquired why I wrong in my criticism,
Pat came the answer "A lot of my relatives live there"

Well ALL my relatives live there, a wonderful set of people, who I love to meet. But that fact would not change my opinion of the city.

I must add that it is also very easy to praise people, and here is some praise for Chennai

I do not know a soul in Chennai. In no way am I connected to the city, and neither do I speak the language.

But every time I have visited the place, I am amazed by how nice and polite everyone there is. Everybody is willing to help you out irrespective of whether you know the language or not

Simi says
"Hey, Mumbayya ANTAGONIST!
Each to his own opinion, right?
Through out the cycle of two seasons of terrible rains that I was in Bombay... except for one time when I got pushed off in a halting train (solely cos I really didnt know the trick!), Bombay's been such a cool city to me.

Its vibrant and rich with experiences stemming out of daily life esp the local trains which I refer to as 'Theatre in Motion'.

Tryst has it bad for you, with Bombay!"

Glad you had a good experience, I have known the city since I was a child, it definitely has changed as far as I am concerned :) and I wonder why there needs to be a 'Trick' to get off a train!

That's all folks!

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longblackveil said...

Gaah. I hear you, brudda.
I have seen the downward spiral here in Bangalore. Today was the cherry on the pie. Got smacked by a truck driver! (On my helmet, not face, thank God.) *nausea*