Saturday, February 28, 2009

A unique team bonding exercise

Arrright! What better way to have a fun team outing than to gather together and go plant trees?

About 10 of us headed to J.P Nagar 7th Phase, to plant trees with the help of the who "plant trees for free to heal the earth." :D

It was a wonderful experience! We got to the site where the planting was planned and the volunteers from TreesForFree were already there with the saplings and neatly dug holes that would be the future homes for these saplings.

We had around 21 saplings to plant and as we got on with the dusty, tiring but fulfilling work of doing so a couple of residents from the locality came over to help us out water the saplings and plant them.

The best part of this for me was to see 2 kids, come with little pails of water to water the saplings :) They did this off their own accord!

This is how the TreesFor Free works:

- You get in touch with them and they will tell you the location where the trees are to be planted
- They choose these location only after enquiring whether the locals would support planting of trees and would water them for the next few months
- Pay 100 rupees per sapling and go plant a tree!

I have had lots of team outings with great food, wine and dance, but none has been as satisfying as the one today!

Thanks to Sripad and Anand Vishwanath for organising this.

I would highly recommend this to all those of you who care about your environment, here is a chance to do something simple but useful!

Here are some pictures

Luka planting the first one

A kid who came to help us water the saplings

The whole gang

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longblackveil said...

Very good! My friends and I had the same louwwly experience last year when we hooked up with treesforfree one sunny morning. Great initiative. That lady in the last pic, on extreme left was there all the way. She's cute. ;)