Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The enigma that is Nicholas Cage

On a long flight back home I happened to watch 'City of angels', A nice plot for a romantic movie :) but what struck me was the enigmatic Mr. Cage, now here is an actor who has movies of various genre under his belt, and yet has managed to get through them all with the same expression on his face.

Now that is enigmatic.
How Nicholas Cage can romance Meg Ryan (City of Angels), Run about on 'The Rock', sit around with a group of convicts (Con-air) , Try and ferret out a snuff film maker (8mm), hot-wire cars with Angelina Jolie (Gone in 60 seconds), Sell ammo (Lord of war) all with the same look on his face !

People may describe this expression as 'wooden' or 'stonefaced', but to me this more of a 'I-swallowed-a-stress-ball-this-morning-and-it-is-stuck' kind of expression

I know you think I am exaggerating, hell! When I started off this post I thought I would exaggerate a lot of stuff in this post, but after some rigourous research around Cage and his movies, I can assure you none of what is out here is an exaggeration.

Here is some proof:


Exhibit A: Cage in "Lord of war"

It is quite obvious that during the filming of this scene, cage has zonked out, and this very moment (where his character is supposed to be trying to sell arms and weapons of mass destruction), the expression on Cage's face seems to suggest he is thinking of whether he has fed his pet panda this morning.

Exhibit B: Con-Air

From his expression I do not know whether he is checking out a chick on the beach or whether he is trying to solve the problem of rounding up escapee convicts (well if you are still wondering, its supposed to be the latter)

Exhibit C: Leaving Las Vegas

While Elizabeth Shue seems to be quite happy 'Leaving Las Vegas', our pal has managed to get his brilliant expression on the movie poster!!

Exhibit D.1 and D.2: Gone in 60 seconds

We can see only half his face in both the captures, but given previous evidence I am quite sure that, front on, the expression on his face has not changed.
The first picture is where they are hotwiring a car and the second is an intense romantic moment between the protagonist and the leading lady, one would never have guessed.

Exhibit E: City of Angels

Our man has fallen in love with Meg Ryan, or at least that is what his expression in this scene is supposed to indicate, but it remains "I-swallowed-a-stress-ball-this-morning-and-it-is-stuck"

I rest my case

p.s: Despite all this I thought, he was pretty much at his best in 8mm and his worst in City of Angels and Ghost Rider


Leanna said...

You are absolutely right, and you're the very first I've seen to have caught on to this.

I firmly believe that his appeal stems solely from his being the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, the Oscar-winning director. His grandfather, uncle, and niece have all won Oscars, so this family has boots which must be kissed.

longblackveil said...

Excuse me, excuse me, very well done.
But someone more deserving and a bigger ishtaar is our favourite hunk from the '80s, MR BRUCE WILLIS. You know the expression- like he's sucking on a slightly bad grape? One eye squinting, slight smirk on pursed lips and a mild frown on face?
Hmm? Hmmm?
Jest you do a Google Image search for Brucey and see the beauty!

Apoorv Gawde said...

Leanna~ Yeah I guess the coppola connection has something to do with this. But I still do not understand how people would pay to watch him on screen!

LBV~ Yes, I agree Bruce Willis is decently bad, but I can forgive him for he has at least 'Die Hard' ! what does this Nicholas chap have?

N said...

I so agree with you Apoorv!! I ahd these exact thoughts in my mind for quite some time now, but never blurtered them out out, thinking, no, I think i am going insane thinking like that!!!!

Thanks for this!!!!I am not the only one!!!!!!

Apoorv Gawde said...

Neha~ :) yeah we seem to all agree he sucks!

Leanna said...

It's hard to believe, but there are women (none whose opinion I value) who find Cage to be very appealing. You know, the sort of woman who hooks up with a loser/bum/scumbucket (a specialty role of Cage's), and keeps taking him back time after time, no matter how much abuse or how many outrages he heaps upon her.

"My man, right or wrong!" Excuse me while I barf. This isn't noble, it's stupid. You know, like that single expression of Nicolas Cage's.