Sunday, June 28, 2009

X-men Origins -Wolverine

Right, so due to public demand , here is my review of the latest in X-men :)

The story-line is as follows:

Boy realises that he has a problem of err bones growing from the vicinity of his knuckles, when he kills the man who shot his dad. But wait, the man he kills is his real dad, and his mom hates him for it (I think b'cos she did not get to kiss her lover goodbye before he got killed, but we shall never know).

IMHO, this kind of confusing trauma should be enough to turn a normal boy into a mutant.

So boy and his new found elder brother run away. Of course his elder brother is also a dude who has this issue of nails growing instantly, and he can leap around like a Labrador after chewy soft toy.

Now boy and elder brother cannot grow old and have the tendency to heal quickly, but they do grow up to become Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber, but mysteriously stop aging after that.

They fight in all wars possible, become part of a rouge mutant mercenary group led by Colonel Stryker.

Then Wolverine, as the boy is now called, gets his bones metal plated and gets to run around naked, before getting his hands on a jacket and a bike. Then he zooms around like nobody's business, and fights some crazy mutant and his brother who has turned evil towards the end of the movie.

Ok story over.

It is sad to see that after movies like Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Iron Man. Hollywood still writes scripts like StarTrek and Wolverine.

So much scope for characterization (especially with a complex superhero like Wolverine), and all wasted away.

I shall definitely rate Wolverine higher (rated 6/10) than StarTrek(1/10).

Anyway, despite this movie, Wolverine does remain one of favourite superheroes :D

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