Friday, October 09, 2009

10 things I learnt from 'Inglourious Basterds'

#1 - Speling.

#2 - If you are shot in the leg, you can still attend a movie premier, the very next day! oh remember to limp a little.

#3 - The much feared Nazi killer, the 'Bear Jew' looks more like a high school bully and has the acting talents of a wooden plank.

#4 - If you are a world renowned director, you can afford to do a super bad job of editing and nobody will notice

#5 - Hitler was really a comedian who provided some good laughs

#6 - If you are planning to take off your uniform, then Brad Pitt will tattoo your forehead

#7 - Chistopher Waltz (aka Col. Hans Landa) ROCKS!

#8 - The father of a new born baby always has a sub-machine gun handy, just in case.

#9 - Germans looooove '20 questions'

#10 - A few great individual scenes stiched badly together do not make a good movie, no matter what everybody thinks.


Smita Srivastava said...

Came across ur 2006 Diwali post in google images , must appreciate the beautiful rangoli pic .

I have a food art blog
Do sneak a peek when time permits .
- Smita

longblackveil said...

Ha ha. Well done. But I will still download and watch, warn me as you may. This is Tarantino madness after all. What to do, we are like this only...

N said...

Tarantino rocks! Though I take your reviews very seriously ;) I will still rent/ download this movie! :D
And Brad Pitt is more than enough reason to watch this movie :)

vincent said...

btw... you do know that the "bear jew" in this case eli roth is the director of hostel... and you were talking about acting skills??? ;)