Saturday, March 06, 2010

'Road Movie'

Abhay Deol is back! I have enjoyed each and every movie of his, and was waiting for this movie with bated breath for months.

Finally it was released yesterday, and with 3 other hardcore Abhay Deol fans (Including Amu ofcourse), I went to watch it.

I should begin by saying that the movie is a joint effort of Dev Benegal and Abhay Deol.
By 'joint effort', I mean they must've been smoking a joint of something really weird, all through the making of this one :P

Okay, enough cheesy one liners, back to the movie.

The movie like most other road movies, has the protagonist - in this case Abhay Deol - embark on a journey, that leaves him wiser in the end.

The hero has the opportunity to inherit his dad's medium sized, hair oil business. Not surprisingly, seemingly sick of it all, he decides to help an acquaintance deliver his old, beaten up looking truck, to a museum in a place called 'Samundarabad'.

Thus begins the road trip from Jaisalmer to Samundarabad, all the way across the desert.

The hero meets 3 main characters along the way, each having their own goals:

A boy who he meets at a small dhaba - He just wants to leave the Dhaba job and go to the next town

A mechanic (Satish Kaushik) who helps him repair the truck - he wants to visit a mela that supposedly happens in the middle of the desert

A Rajasthani village belle (the Heroine) - who is roaming about in search of water.

The boy has all the good lines, next is Satish Kaushik. Abhay Deol himself is somehow relegated to the sidelines in this one and the girl is forgettable.

Add to the mix, a bad cop (who forces the group to discover that the truck they are delivering is actually a mobile movie 'theatre'), a gang of water dacoits led by Yashpal Sharma (They rob and hoard water and sell it to the villagers), and you have 'Road Movie'.

The visuals are stunning, the camera captures the desert beautifully. The kid has a fantastic role with some wonderful dialogues, but that's about it.

The search for water seems to be the primary motif in the movie.

The movie itself is monotonous and painfully slow. There is very little background score, which makes the movie more painful to watch. The plot moves along lethargically, just like a weary traveler in the desert.

The lack of music is a crime.

This movie had immense potential, but unfortunately all of it remains untapped.


longblackveil said...

Aiyyo. That's just tragic. I really thought this movie would be spectacular in a quiet, unassuming Abhay Deol kind of way. Waste. :(
But but but. Abhay Deol is the new hubbazoid of this age.

N said...

Abhay is fantastic...Like you, my husband mad I are both Abhay Deol fans...and we so wanted to see this one....came Friday and brought along real sad reviews of the movie...might just watch it when it comes on TV sometime :(