Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh yes!

A new blog template. I never changed it since the beginning of time and was adamant that white font against black is the most awesome combo ever.
But it was part laziness, part resistance to change. All that is in the past now. Here's a splash of yellow!


Art Vandelay said...

This looks fresh. Nice!

By the way, how is Immortals of Meluha? Just saw that it's on your reading list - one of my friends asked me to run away from it (that the writting style is crappy, etc.)

Ramya said...

Nice! I've been arguing against the white against black background for so long :p

Apoorv Gawde said...

@Saranya - Thanks!
Amish's wirting left me bored...its an interesting take on Indian Mythology, but its been done better with Karna's story in 'Mrityunjay' a Marathi book

@Ramya - Thanks! you have been one do the people who influenced this change :)