Friday, August 31, 2012

Movies lately...

Here's what I've been watching

Gangs of Wasseypur I and II

If I were asked to put together a list of the top 5 movies made in Hindi. Gangs of Wasseypur would be in there. It would feature in my top 10 movie list of movies of any language.

I am not going to say anything about this movie. Its very rare that a movie has statyed in my head for as long as this one has. Brilliant!

If you haven't watched it yet, then my condolences. MUST WATCH!

Real Steel

Loved this movie! I love Robots. Robots boxing each other in the ring? Great!

Hugh Jackman, plays a loser in all senses. The Robots that he owns have all been thrashed by better bots. Just when he is about to quit, he realises he has a son - who he does not want around. 
The son though sticks around and, the father-son team, soon get themselves a bot who is the underdog of all underdogs.
Think 'Rocky', but with Robots. It works as well. In fact I think I caught the robot acting better than Stallone in some of the scenes. The kid tends to get irritating at times, but...

Highly recommended.

Bourne legacy

Jason Bourne was not alone, or so we learn, as the Bourne franchise gets a new lease of life in the form of Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner.
Thanks to Bourne exposing Operation Blackfriar and Treadstone, the CIA is now rushing to cover up its other err covert operations. One such clandestine operation is Operation outcome. Eric Byer played by Edward Norton is in charge of the clean-up and he starts by getting rid of all the agents who have been "developed" as part of this program.
Only, he has not counted in Aaron Cross in his plans. Aaron soon suspects something fishy and now has to survive the attempt to eliminate him as part of the cover-up
Rachel Weiz plays a scientist (only in movies would one find such a pretty scientist), who needs to tag along with the protagonist to save herself and help unravel the puzzle.

Average fare, if compared to the other Bourne movies. Watch it just to keep abreast of what is happening in the Robert Ludlum universe.

Total recall

This remake with Colin Farell in it is just about watchable. Mostly because it has Kate Beckinsale in it. The plot is somewhat similar to the Original - In a futuristic world, where the government is a well organised dictatorship of srots, and the underground is teeming with rebels, a guy bored with a mundane lifestyle and a pretty wife, decides to go for a Total Rekall experience, where- allowed to live any fantasy, as long as it is not something that has happened to him in the past - our man chooses to be a rebel agent. Turns out its true and all hell breaks loose as the evil government forces are after him.
Begins very well, and promises a lot. But somehow falters towards the end.
Was what the protagonist experienced a fantasy or was it real? Who knows.

Ghost writer

3 attempts at watching this movie. Successful in the third. Not that the movie is awful. Its just a little slow.
Ewan McGergor, is assigned the task of ghost writing an autobiography for Britain's ex prime minister (Pierce Brosnan). Seems a peach of an assignment, only, the last guy assigned to the job was found dead. Drowned.
His work takes him to an island in the US, where the Prime minster - who is curently embroiled in a scandal regarding shipping terror suspects to prisons - is currently hiding with his entourage, consisting of his wife, his secretary and his body guards. 
As the ghost writer begins his research, things don't seem to add up and soon he is on the brink of unravelling a secret of international proportions.

Decent thriller. Watchable.

Grosse Pointe Blank

An assassin, is forced to go attend his high school reunion. He also has a job to finish in his old hometown. As he gets back to what used to be his past life and his old flame. Things perk up.
John Cusack and Minnie Driver in this romantic, action, comedy.
The soundtrack is super impressive and a couple of scenes are brilliant.
Definitely watchable

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