Friday, August 01, 2014

Giant Robot and the world of tomorrow

Back in the late 1980s, there was a TV series called "Giant Robot". Now, I was too young to understand the overall plot and what was happening. But I used to LOVE it!

So much so, that I once turned up at a school fancy dress competition dressed up as "Giant Robot". Do they even have "Fancy Dress" competitions anymore? Anyway. I would have shared those pictures on this post, but that would be far too embarrassing.

A Giant Robot action figure in err...action
This post, however, is not about my embarrassing escapades as Giant Robot. It is about the series itself. Like I said, I was too young to understand much of it. What I do remember, is that each episode had this kid who would encounter some trouble and summon Giant Robot. The Robot would then fly to his rescue.
The one thing that was imprinted in my head at that time was the manner in which the kid would summon this Giant Robot. The kid had this watch, which he would talk into, and the next thing you know, Giant Robot has answered his call and is up, up and away!
Here is Johnny and his magical watch
It was all very magical. To me this was cutting edge sci-fi. It was the 1980s, my grandparents had a red bakelite telephone back in Bombay and we had to place a "trunk call", if we wanted to talk to them. A boy talking into a watch to summon a Robot was unheard of!

>>> Fast forward to today >>>>

The other day a colleague in office was quietly checking his emails on his watch. Yup his watch. 

You smart watch you!
While I looked on , he casually proceeded to deploy a build to the showcase environment!! Here in front of me, live, was a live demonstration of Giant Robot being summoned using a watch!

We truly live in the world of tomorrow.

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