Sunday, August 10, 2008


Gone is the Dell 505, replaced by a white, sleek, MacBook. It looks beautiful and it has pretty good usability as well.
The first thing to learn is, the command button is the Ctrl button :)

What I like
- The way it looks
- Its dock and the genie effects
- Its webcam
- The search - 'spotlight', it returns results in a jiffy and is wonderful to use, no more navigating through directories :)
- Its lovely keyboard

What I dislike

- Itunes
I hate Itunes, easily in my top 5 worst software on the planet . The thing has no winamp.

- MusicIndiaOnline does not play on mac (real player and Windows Media Player)

- In Windows one could move up and down a sentence, word by word. All one had to do was hold ctrl and use the left/right arrow keys, Mac will only let you traverse sentences, character by painful character

- No auto restore from the trashcan, if you delete something by mistake, you will need to drag and drop it back in its correct folder to restore it :(

- I am yet to install photoshop etc but I have a feeling I will hate the fonts :|

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