Wednesday, August 06, 2008

To London To London...

London is the same, nothing seems to have changed.

What did I do there?

1) Did my favourite London walk :)

Begin :
British Museum --> Totenham Court road --> Leicester Square --> Piccadily Circus --> Trafalgar Square --> Big Ben --> Cross the Thames on the bridge by Westminister --> By the Aquarium, London eye, Waterloo Station --> Up the Millennium Bridge (staring straight at St Paul's Cathedral) back across the Thames --> and walk by the London Bridge --> all the way to the tower of London and the Tower bridge --> Back to the Hotel in the Tube: End

Last visit I had done part of this alone and gotten horribly lost (!) for about 2 hours.

This time I knew my way around quite well and I had a friend along, it took us 5 hours :) with breaks for Hot Chocolate, some shopping in the open markets by the Thames and a nice lunch at an Indian(!) restaurant.

2) Shopped in Camden :) :)

Here are some pictures

Trafalgar Square : National Art Gallery

Trafalgar Square: Nelson's column

Thames: London Eye

Big Ben

There are some pictures of the night walk we did :) will post them later!


longblackveil said...

Ooh, clappity clap. You have been to London Town. Very nice. Glad to see you're a walker.

Apoorv Gawde said...

:) love walking !
The best for of transport there is !