Friday, January 01, 2010

2010 is here baby!

2010 seems to be the sought after year by many. I guess its something to do with the completeness of the number involved. Who doesn't like rounded figures eh ?

For years now, people have planned loads of things for 2010. The term 'Vision 2010' seems to have caught the fancy of many a corporate board and they have gone on to make great plans for the coming 2010.

Anyway its here already!

It will be interesting to see what excuses people come up with for not having executed these plans :D . That was the cynic in me.

Now for the optimist.

2009, like the past 27 years I have witnessed on this planet, was full of awesomeness. It was filled with loads of travel, good books, lovely movies and lots of laughter.

I am quite sure that the coming year will also bring with it the unknowns make life such a thrilling ride.

Life follows a normal distribution (some good , some bad, but mostly average), I am going to try and make the averages into the 'goods' and the 'goods' into the 'greats'! and that, is my new year's resolution.

I leave you all with a wish (which also conveniently doubles up as a curse) -



N said...

Isn't that also quoted in some movie? I have heard it somewhere, I am so sure of it...well, since I am kind of free in office today, I googled it, only to realize that it apparently is some Chinese curse...well, you tell you story...

And oh yes, once again, happy new year :)

Apoorv Gawde said...

Yes, the first I read it was a quote in one of Terry Pratchett's book. :)
It is indeed a Chinese curse.

Happy New Year!

Amu said...

Amen! It will always be awesssssome since it will be with you :o)

Apoorv Gawde said...

:D Definitely girl!