Sunday, February 24, 2008


Easily the best place I have been to in recent times, Hampi in its golden age was a rich and bustling city by the banks of the river Tungabhadra, the capital of the prosperous Vijayanagar Empire.

What makes Hampi special today is the fact that, it transports you back to the age of its glory instantly.

All the streets are 'intact', all the temples are 'intact' (of course the Deccan Sultans destroyed the idols and lots of the architecture), its as if only the people have moved on, leaving behind the empty shell of a once thriving city.

Hampi is poetry in stone, a must visit place.
Also visit a restaurant called the 'Mango Tree'.

Take a look at the pictures and learn of things you can do in Hampi:

Hire a two wheeler - the best way to visit most places spread across a 10 sq km area

Enjoy the lovely architecture

Stroll through the well maintained gardens of the Palace

Trek up hillocks

Take a coracle ride on the river Tungabhadra

Take a nap!

Lie down on the rocks surrounded by beautiful structures, waiting for ...

a beautiful sunset!

Have a blast!

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