Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Manorama 6 feet under
What-e-beauty of a movie, simply loved it! A wonderful effort at making an Indian Film Noir movie, excellent!
Most people I spoke to did not seem to like it, but oh well, Sometimes the majority only means... :P

Puke! Colin Farrell stumbled through the movie looking like he suffered from an irritable bowel syndrome.

No Country for old men
Watch it for Javier Barden, never before have I seen a more disturbing villain in any form of cinema. Excellent performance!
Also, the Cohen brothers have their own style of directing. The most unexpected things happen at the least expected times. This is one thriller you do not want to miss.

Monty Python- Life of Brian
Is this the same group that conceived the brilliant "Fish Called Wanda" ? surprising, the much acclaimed Monty Python falls flat.
Only one scene evoked laughter, the one where Caesar stumbles through his pronunciation evoking uncontrolled snigger from his centurions.
and only one scene made me go wooow
The scene where the entire group is crucified and Eric Idle (one of the members being crucified), begins singing "Look at the bright side of life" as the credits start rolling.

Else I do not understand what the big deal (Biggus Dealus? :P ) is about Monty Python.

Good Fellas
Decent gangster movie, but tends to get boring. IMDB rates it as #15 of all time great movies. I disagree. The Untouchables is easily a better movie in the Genre. Watch it for Joe Pesci's portrayal of a mobster.

A biopic about the Wonderland Murders, bad movie!

Pink Panther
Steve Martin's Inspector Closeau tries hard, and fails to live up to Peter Sellers' Inspector Closeau


longblackveil said...

I say, I must stand up in defense of the Monty Python troupe. Now, these nuts started off doing crack sketches and spoofs and satires and of course little gems like that don't translate well on screen in a full length feature. A Fish Called Wanada was brilliant becasue the script was actually that- a script with a story. Plus Kevi Kline is a doll.
I think you should watch Monty Python- The Search for the Holy Grail. That's quite hilarious. All the Montys seem a little contrived at some point. My least fave of the lot was The Meaning of Life. But Holy Grail was funnnnny. Go for it. Tough to get in DVD stores. Try National Market.

Apoorv Gawde said...

Maybe, but what do u say in defense of Life of Brian, I am all for slapstick, I have spent years doing slapstick on stage, But Life of Brian was just not funny.

Neha said...

I havent seen any of the lot!

Apoorv Gawde said...

:) No country for old men is a great watch girl!

longblackveil said...

Yup, Life of Brian wasn't great either. Oh, well.
Still, John Cleese and the lot are fantastic nutters. Hurrah.

Anonymous said...

Monty Python, I guess, is a tad dated. They broke rules that you are too young to remember ever having existed.

Their work hit the US when I was in high school (my late teens). The Pythons were absolutely scandalous, then!

I'm thrilled that they broke those old rules. Some traditions deserve to be relegated to dim memory, suited only for explaining to the young solely for the looks of astonishment that such idiocy ever existed!

It's odd to admit, but the young often have things of great value to teach to their elders, and that teaching often occurs in rebellion to traditions. Some of our most cherished delusions are enshrined in those traditions! We deserve to have our musty old closed minds aired out by the fresh wind of youthful rebellion, every now and then!

So, throw open the windows of your mind!

PS: I think you have to be brought up in 1950-60 England to fully get "The Life Of Brian". It has brief moments of brilliance, scattered throughout a long stretch of tedium, IMO.