Saturday, February 09, 2008

Open Sesame

I wish it were just those two magical words that would open the doors, but its a bigger number of magical words one needs to remember today.

Here is a list of places I need to remember (complex) passwords for! The list is too long for my liking

My laptop
My Desktop - home
Lotus Notes -my office email client
Yahoo Mail/Yahoo Messenger - My personal Mailbox
Google - Blog, Youtube, Gmail, Gtalk
My Desktop on the client site
My Bank
My ATM pin
Facebook - my favorite site for stock photos
My RSA pin to remote access office network
and ofcourse
The passwords for the Application that we are currently building

Whew! Ali Baba had it easy!


longblackveil said...

First off, to correct a few historical errors. We must understand that Ali Baba is of Mid-Eastern/Arab lineage. He would never have used either of the the magical phrases, "Open Sesame" or "Khul Jaa SIM SIM", that are so casually attributed to him.
These were both elaborate marketing gimmicks devised by medieval sales gurus. The first, to further the brand recall of sesame seeds by creators of the burger bun [bleddy Amreekans!], which, as we all know, without sesame seeds are like hotdogs without the sausage. And the second: Forward thinking communication experts who had the foresight to realise the arrival of mobile phone technology and the usefulness of SIMs, centuries before their invention.

Nevertheless, coming to the main point of your blog, why sir, all you must needs do is keep the same password for everything! At the most a variation or two, but standard anyway. I have survived all these years on the strength of three interchangeable and precise alphanumeric passwords. Doesn't work if you try and get too creative, as I learnt to my dismay a few years ago when a nasty ATM swallowed my card whole. Blechh.

Apoorv Gawde said...

Why! :)
Was Ali Baba of Mid Eastern Lineage?
How do we know that? he could have been an Expat living in the Middle East, how does one know :P

But having a single password is so danger danger

Neha said...

Nah...not too much of a danger too!!!
In addiiton to the list u have mentioned, I have to use the password to rent out movies too from Also, I have enabled the password option on ma more!!!