Sunday, February 03, 2008

Taare Zameen Pe

I liked the movie! but ironic how, Aamir Khan's character has this dialogue that (rightly!) admonishes the parents for trying to make children part of a rat race to nowhere and how senseless competition can break a child.

And then, the kid after the movie on being nominated in the best child artiste category, proclaims that he deserved the nomination for Best Hero or something along those lines since he was the crux of the movie!


Well having said that, the movie was very well made and the only thing that kept going through my mind as I watched it was, relief for having parents that never asked me to or forced me to study! :D

They always let me do my own thing, trusting me that I knew best!

I do know of people who have frittered away their childhood in the mechanised rat race that is Bombay, studying to achieve those 90's and 100's, today as I see them, I wonder what they have attained that is so different from me, all I see is childhoods lost in back to back tuitions and the like.


longblackveil said...

Good Gawde! Hello, sir, am back on the bloggah circuit.
Agree with TZP being lovely, and very very surprised that so many people in the theatres (And more disturbingly, even among my close family and friends) were actually unaware of dyslexia and other learning problems kids might face. It's a scary thought.
As to last post, have been itching to take a nice, long, high-speed drive on the BMIC. Will do soonly now that I have a visual reference! See you around.

Neha said...

I agree with u on that...
abt the kid...i loved him so much in the movie!!!brilliant acting!!!i dont mind him getting the awards at filmfare instead of shahrukh khan or hrithik roshan for a change :)